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Current count Bellator MMA Commentator John McCarthy among those who caused the problem Ultimate Fighting Championship Recent video release of President Dana White.

In his podcast “Measurement” On Thursday, McCarthy and fellow Bellator commentator Josh Thomson
Weighted to video
Released by Dana White on Monday. In White’s December 21st video, UFC heads blamed MMA media and claimed that the media was trying to stop the promotion early in the COVID-19 pandemic. The video, which showed some long-time media members in a harsh and negative view, pulled out clips and articles from March to May on how the promotion should continue. At the time, the UFC didn’t publish details of the coronavirus protocol, so the media was critical of the procedure asking what was happening.

Among White’s many complaints about what some of the media disciplines considered “Victory lap” In the case of the UFC, White attacked a so-called “clickbait” article written by media outlets. McCarthy had some thoughts about it.

“This is the best part of this whole,” McCarthyism began. “There are people here who say,’I don’t give f — about the media’-first, I don’t even see us as media, but that’s okay. But,” I’m media Does not give f — about “, but then [White] Always complain about clickbait. You know, “The guys in these media and their Clickbait bulls-what they do” and what it was, and what did you and your little team do? You click bait b — h. “

McCarthyism was far from finishing the railing for the UFC boss as a longtime referee who returned to UFC 2 in 1994.

“I just cracked, man, I’m going” You are very pathetic. You really … First, you need to have your own little putt on your back, ok, let me put you on your back because you’ve removed everything from the context. You’ve arrived at where you were a hero, congratulations hero Dana. Oh, let me bow. I can’t believe it, my god. Don’t worry about when you understand and what you know. Do what you did, you were great. The UFC has been a great year, but be honest about everything that happened, and your video is clickbait, it’s bullish and out of context, so be honest about your video! “

Co-sponsor Thomson said the actual shutdown of the UFC event, which was scheduled to take place on April 18 at the Tachi Palace Casino Resort in Lemoore, California, wasn’t actually due to the media.
California Senator Dianne Feinstein
Governor of California Gavin Newsom.Political official
Contact Disney, ESPN’s parent company
, Asked to stop holding the event.

The legality of the event, and the mere regulation of the event, was where it drew attention to McCarthy. The veteran referee who participated in the creation of MMA’s original unified rules in 2001 was not a fan of White.

“When [White] I went to Jacksonville, Florida. I was one of his biggest supporters because he wasn’t doing what he was doing in the illegal battle between Tachi Palace and Lemoore. He was leading himself on the path that the California Athletic Commission refused to regulate the show in Lemoore at Tachi Palace. They said, “We’re not going to do that, we don’t want you to have it there.” And this is back … Dana is part of it. He did a lot to regulate the sport, and he was a big step backwards. Trying to do a show at Tachi Palace, which wasn’t the case [he] You can sit there and say whatever you want, he intended to self-adjust the show. “

This self-regulatory issue in the United States harmed authorities who were planning to bring the card to authorize the card as the blockade was taking place nationwide while the state committee was blocking the event. May have caused.

“It was a big mistake, and it was a mistake for all officials, you see [because] He put a California official, and we talked about this then, he put Herb Dean In a terrifying place. Jason Herzog or Mike Beltran, or all of these
[referees], They can’t do that show because they aren’t licensed by the California Athletic Commission … or when they’re suspended and you’re suspended, now when you get a license somewhere. [If] Jason or herbs or Mike [go] In any state, Illinois, Florida, they need to come to Tennessee, go to Kentucky, and get a license there. And every time in that form, it’s something about “Have you ever been stopped?”Now they have to [mark ‘yes’], And they have to explain what happened and why they were stopped, and now they tell another athletic committee, “Oh, we’re not going to use you.” I am giving you the opportunity to say.

McCarthy joined the UFC, had a long-standing relationship with White, and knew why promotions were stuck in staging these fight cards.

“Let’s be honest about why Dana was so enthusiastic about putting out the show,” McCarthy virtually said. “It wasn’t because he was obsessed with’Oh, I want to keep hiring my people’. Of the 42 fights he had to meet to get $ 750 million. Having a status contract, he had to do those shows so he could get money from ESPN. Now, by doing the show, he makes a great living for all fighters. I love the fact that he allowed me to do it. I love the fact that he didn’t let anyone in from the staff, no one was cut. They’re all beautiful and big, but he Was able to do the show, so everything happened from the first show at Jacksonville. That was all. “

McCarthyism was one of White who pointed out in the video that the UFC shouldn’t host these events. He pointed out that the people targeted in the video omitted some important names, including UFC commentator Joe Rogan.

“I wasn’t the man he opposed doing it,” McCarthy said and protected himself. “I objected to trying to do a basically illegal show in California that he was closed, and it was closed by his boss, now with all of his little editors. It’s really a little funny that all of his videos didn’t put Joe Rogan there. Do you know why? Why? Which one. Oh, because it looks bad [when]
What does Joe Rogan say? “I’m not going to comment, they don’t know who gets it, but it’s not going to be me” OK, he’s worried because he didn’t know what was going on Something he was doing, but it’s okay for him to worry. “

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“Big” John McCarthy reacts violently to the festive Dana White video “Big” John McCarthy reacts violently to the festive Dana White video

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