Biggest Tropico 6 add-on to date launches Caribbean sky on Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Publisher Kalypso Media and developer Realmforge Studios have released the latest, largest and largest add-ons for Tropico 6. Caribbean Sky There is no limit to the sky as DLC introduces an exciting new gameplay feature skyscraper on Xbox One. , PS4 and PC, as the unprecedented brilliant El Presidente is trying to save not only his beloved Tropico, but the whole world!

In this air-focused adventure of global stakes Tropico 6, Caribbean Sky, you need to lead a great Tropico through 5 brand new campaign missions. In this massive expansion, you’ll deploy a true fleet of minions in the air and meet the cast of eclectic characters along the way. Everything like new buildings, edicts, traits, etc. brings a fresh twist to core gameplay, but El Presidente has additional palace decorations and costumes, offering additional options for customizing the island. That’s not all because it does.

Check out the complete list of Caribbean sky features:

  • New scenario-driven campaigns: Play new dedicated scenarios featuring five all-new missions, each unlocking a new playstyle. Meet new characters and save the world as El Presidente!
  • Drones are here: Use a delivery drone to easily supply to remote locations or use a drone taxi for passenger transport. Keep Tropico people under surveillance with a security drone.
  • Eight new buildings: Fly your drone and drone into the air with drone factory, battery plant, cargo airport and drone delivery service. Immerse yourself and your fellow tropicals in your drone with a drone taxi service, Central Intelligence Building, or a courier service from your drone. Balloon tours offer tourists the opportunity to offer a new kind of attraction.
  • Four new edicts: Gig Economy, Cult Anonymous, Drone Economy, Drone Recycling
  • Two new traits: drone enthusiast, Qult leader.
  • Three new palace decorations: Keep your palace fresh with a miniature version of the mysterious speaker. Show everyone that you are a technician with a lot of drones with the Tropico flag. Use a small version of the mysterious fertility bomb cannon to show everyone how modern agriculture is done.
  • New outfit: A colorful new banana business suit with a banana print all over, just a nice atmosphere.

So if you want to indulge in Tropico 6-Caribbean Sky DLC, it’s available now Xbox store, PS Store, Steam is £ 12.49. Please leave a comment below and let us know if you pick it up!

Description of DLC:

Beloved dictator … well, leader El Presidente sets out to conquer the Caribbean sky! Tropico 6’s largest ever DLC allows you to enjoy new altitudes with your drone. Prepare to play a dedicated scenario-driven campaign with five new missions, each unlocking different playstyles and features. The Caribbean sky takes you on a journey to save the world, and so your beloved Tropico. Meet new characters like eccentric scientists and new adversaries through the campaign. This is nothing but a problem for El Prez and his efforts. The sky above Tropico was busier than ever. Place your Team Star on one side and use air transportation to take your logistics to the next level. Take advantage of several new buildings centered around the Caribbean sky features, such as a freight airport where goods can be transported and exported between the various islands of the Tropical Islands via freighters. Use the drone delivery service to set up a drone delivery route between the two buildings and deliver the goods with a lively new helper. Drone taxis, on the other hand, offer tropical transportation a new way. Maintain absolute control, set up a Central Intelligence building and deploy security drones to ensure that your scheme isn’t overlooked. Finally, the new balloon tour can provide tourists with hot air balloon rides. Make them happy by choosing a scenic route that shows off the beauty of Tropico. Help El Presidente save the world and turn the Caribbean sky into your playground!

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Largest Tropico 6 add-on to date Caribbean Skies launches on Xbox One, PS4 and PC

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