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Bill McKibben on Climate Crisis, Climate Sadness, Climate Behavior, and US Climate Policy — Interview with Clean Technica

In this episode of CleanTech TalkBill McKibben, a prominent climate writer and leader of social movements, and I are facing the climate change crisis we are facing rapidly, climate sadness and how to deal with it, US climate policy, rampant conspiracy theory. , Talk about big energy shifts and more. Listen to this first part of a two-part interview via the embedded SoundCloud player below or your favorite podcast platform (link below).

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We quickly jumped into the central problems facing society in the 21st century. Despite the rapid deployment and adoption of clean technology solutions (solar energy, wind energy, electric vehicles, electric buses, etc.), we are consistently a little behind what we need. To stop the growing climate crisis. In fact, instead of catching up, the challenge may seem to be lagging behind. Unfortunately, one of the things we’ve discovered in recent years is that just as the message of climate scientists was as scary and “alarmist” as it was ten years ago, they are at risk. It means that he underestimated the destruction significantly. The situation today seems to be worse than it was then. The next tweet thread from climate scientist Peter Gleick wasn’t featured in our discussion because Gleick just published it last night and McKibben and I had recorded a podcast long before that.

McKibben, who went back to and wrote the first book on climate change for the general audience. 1989In his self-introduction, he states that he is currently spending a lot of time “volunteering in the task of failing to save the world.” In response, I said, “Yes … we are making great strides, but I feel that we are far from what is needed to solve the challenges of climate change.” McKibben’s framing in response was great. “That’s exactly right. That’s the right reason, and the hardest thing to always tell people is This is a timed test.. And we’re just not used to timed exams in public life. “

My first question to McKibben came from one of our top writers. Steve hanley (McKibben was like a fan). Steve’s question was about the sadness of the climate. He wanted to know McKibben’s view of climate grief and how climate grief can be used to create political change. McKibben, with his characteristic honesty, is all that is happening this year: extreme floods in some regions (such as Europe and China), extreme floods in others (especially Greece and the United States). He said he has recently felt more climatic sadness due to the wildfire. The west generated so much smoke that it was actually blown to the east coast in large quantities). I think many of us feel the same this year — as he pointed out, even if we’ve understood this for decades.

“In my experience, the only way to deal with that emotional sacrifice is not the perfect solution, but the partial solution, but to act equally aggressively. As an activist —As much as possible, “he said. “And in my life, anger is the only antidote to that sadness, and especially anger at the forces of our society, especially the fossil fuel industry, has systematically lied about this for decades. I’m in the position where we are. ”The Zen Master may have said something else, but I think a lot of people, especially a lot of people, are involved in this. CleanTechnica Readers and listeners. McKibben added: “I don’t know if that anger is more emotionally healthier than sadness, but it’s probably more productive in terms of getting things done because we’re in a place that destroys the political power of fossils. The fuel industry is us. Is essential to work at the pace you need to go now. “

Continuing the topic of climate politics, I brought up the fact that Senator Joe Manchin and he are a major blockade to climate progress in Congress.Democrats make up the majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, and although they rarely have the opportunity to enact strong climate legislation, Manchin and Senators Kyrsten Cinema It has hindered progress on this for months. The former, Manchin, Received more election funds from the fossil fuel industry than Other US Senators (Republican or Democrat), and the latter from members of the Arizona Greens Opposite of the green..

“I feel like the Biden administration is doing what it can do now. […] — Not all. There’s a lot they want to be able to do, such as shutting down big fossil fuel projects — but it seems that this bipartisan infrastructure bill was submitted before the bill was passed. , This isn’t particularly good for the climate — it contains a lot of stupid giveaways to the fossil fuel industry — but it’s something and we’ve got another $ 3.5 trillion reconciliation that we’ll be competing for It was the price to put in the next few months, and it really seems to represent one great opportunity for the United States to make big cuts in the last decade of the climate crisis. So I think it’s all our responsibility to think about how it can help to make that Incredibly frustrating Prime Minister Manchin will approve everything that happens, but that’s where we are! We weren’t in exactly the same stagnant position next time as it reminds us that it’s better to get a little more Senate seats.

“But look. Our political machines are clearly tuned to prevent change, not to accelerate it. It’s all about filibuster and electoral colleges down. It’s an outdated system. It’s especially frustrating now, in an era when we need incredibly urgent action, but that said, what a difference it made in a year. At least the country isn’t run by an absolute donkey so far. The fact that we entered 2020 with the US president who believed that climate change was a hoax invented by the Chinese — that is, it. If I was sitting on the bus next to the muttering person, I would get up and change seats, but this was the man who ran our country. “

The first article I wrote about Donald Trump, who ran for president, was “Can America really elect a conspiracy theorist?Unfortunately, the country’s tendency towards dangerous and ridiculous conspiracy theories was much greater than I had expected.

I also see if he thinks the extreme weather we’re seeing these days could draw more people into the cause of climate change and make the difference we need. Asked. Listen to the entire podcast chat to hear McKibben answer this question and elaborate on the positive trends of the last few years. Of course, we also talked about the urgency of the problem and the challenges we face. Stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon. CleanTechnica.. Preview covering the most complex and subtle issues within the US and global climate solutions community.

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Bill McKibben on Climate Crisis, Climate Sadness, Climate Behavior, and US Climate Policy — Interview with Clean Technica Bill McKibben on Climate Crisis, Climate Sadness, Climate Behavior, and US Climate Policy — Interview with Clean Technica

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