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You need to learn to read between the lines when it comes to Buffalo Bills..

Their public praise New England Patriots It was a par of the course throughout the week. Head coach Sean McDermott is not keen on instigating media remarks. But all the Patriots compliments and all the reminders that New England had dominated the sector for the last two decades were essentially one code. Bills was ready to make another late-season statement on Monday Night Football.

Buffalo makes that statement 38-9 rout He has won his first victory in Foxborough, Massachusetts since 2016, and has wiped out the Patriots since 1999. This showed Bills’ biggest win margin against New England since the 31-0 win on September 7, 2003.

Beyond officially handing over the first defeat season to New England since Bill Belichick entered his first season as a coach in 2000, Bills has stuck to AFC’s second seed. They can beat Miami in the 17th week to secure two seeds.

Jerry HughesBuffalo’s longest-serving player, who saw his share of the defeat to New England, said leaving Foxborough for a win was a “great mood.”

“I’ve told some of the bystanders that I’ve never felt this way in Foxborough. I think I beat them in a year of 9-7 years old, but they had a lot of starters sitting down. I’m ready. Playoffs. It was a good feeling to come back to this stadium and give a nice punch to my face. “

Defeating the Patriots was one of Bills’ biggest goals for the season-general manager Brandon Bean said in September as well. But even against the New England team, who are already out of the playoffs, Buffalo wanted to question who the AFC East currently belongs to.

Describe the game in two words. Early rule. Bills threw the Patriots to the ground early on and continued to punch.Once in the quarterback Cam Newton Scoring to cut Buffalo’s lead to 10-9, Bills scored 28 unanswered points before drawing the quarterback Josh Allen There are more than 10 minutes left in the fourth quarter.

Breakdown of QB: Speaking of Allen, no other quarterback may be playing better than him in the NFL. Aaron Rodgers.. He has historically fought the Patriots, but performed brilliantly on Monday night, completing 27 out of 36 passes with 320 yards and four touchdowns.He targets again Stephen Digs, Torched New England 145 yards, 9 catches and 3 touchdowns. Allen was considered a potential third wheel in two MVP horse races between Rogers and Rogers. Patrick MahomesHowever, its dynamics have changed in the last four weeks. In Buffalo’s four prime-time matches since the 13th week, Allen had a touchdown to intercept ratio of 12-1 and added two more scores. If Rogers is the leading candidate, Allen isn’t too late.

Promising trends: During the first 11 games of the season, Bills was a team in the first half and often had to jump into the lead early and fight for a second win. However, since the 13th week, Buffalo has outperformed their opponents 75-31 in the second half. Especially last season, Bills learned how to close his opponent after breaking out of the playoffs defeat that gave Houston a 16-point lead. This is a positive sign of entering the playoffs.

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Bills stays in position to land AFC’s second seed in the Patriots sweep-NFL Nation Bills stays in position to land AFC’s second seed in the Patriots sweep-NFL Nation

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