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WWE Hall of Fame “Superstar” Billy Graham asked Official WWE Statement I’m wondering why the statement doesn’t disclose the proper details about Triple H, who has recently undergone heart surgery.

According to a WWE statement, Triple H required surgery after a heart event caused by a genetic heart problem.

Through a long Facebook post, Graham said he wasn’t “wanting too much” to know exactly what steps Triple H had taken.

Graham compared WWE’s statement on HHH surgery with a statement issued by Arnold Schwarzenegger, a well-known WWE Hall of Fame who underwent two heart valve surgeries last October.

Graham wrote:

HHH has cardiac surgery

Hi fans, as you can see from reading this WWE official press release HHH, a few days ago a mental “procedure” was taken and it is expected to be fully recovered. The problem for me as our fans and H’s personal friends is that there is no clue as to exactly what the “procedure” of the heart was and what the doctor did during this “procedure”. I’m asking this question … “Why all the mysteries are”? This statement, with a complete disclosure of the two operations performed by my friend Arnold Schwarzenegger, and his Instagram: Compare with his statement on your account. Thanks to the team at Cleveland Clinic, I was able to get a new aortic valve to match the new pulmonary valve I got from my last surgery. It feels great! “

I told the world that I had a liver transplant and everything in between (including a partial toe amputation). Is it the essence of professional wrestling’s sneaky business to lie and deceive? To be honest, I would like to know exactly what kind of procedure HHH did. I don’t believe I’m asking too much for a minute. If Arnold can tell the world about his surgery, why can’t WWE or HHH? Peace … Superstar Billy Graham.

Two WWE Hall of Fame Sean “X-Pack” Waltman, as previously reported Revealed text exchange after heart surgery He recently had a triple H.

Graham’s Facebook post is:

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Billy Graham questions the “mystery” of triple H surgery Billy Graham questions the “mystery” of triple H surgery

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