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Biome Australia Limited (BIO) is an Australian company operating primarily in the “complementary medicine” industry.

Biome Australia licenses, develops and sells innovative, evidence-based complementary medicines such as dietary supplements (food-based vitamins and weight management products) and live biotherapy (probiotics). increase.

Since its inception, Biome Australia has launched 10 products under the Activated Probiotic® brand, including:

  • Many live biotherapeutic products supported by finished clinical trials.When
  • Many other living biotherapeutic products with clinical evidence supporting the efficacy of major probiotic strains.

Since July 2018, Biome Australia has been selling its own dietary supplements under the Activated Nutrients® brand.

In 2020, Biome Australia launched Activated X Performance (AXP), a sports performance range that combines both organic dietary supplements and live biotherapies (probiotics).

BIO will be listed on ASX on November 30, 2021.

BIO-Biome Australia | Australian Equity Forum BIO-Biome Australia | Australian Equity Forum

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