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Biodiversity: The UK says it will not release wildlife and habitat data in 2022

Next year, an important conference will be held to agree on global biodiversity goals, but the UK says it will not release important wildlife and habitat data.


October 28, 2021


Male Luluworth Skipper in Dorset, England (Thymelicusacteon)

Oliver Smart / Alamy

Conservationists criticize the British government’s decision to temporarily suspend the release of new data on the country’s wildlife and habitat conditions in 2022, a milestone year in the United Nations. bottom. biodiversity Summit.

Numbers announced today According to the Ministry of Food, Rural and Environmental Affairs (Defra), not only habitats but also priority species such as otters and red squirrels have deteriorated. Lulworth Skipper (Lulworth Skipper (Lulworth Skipper)Thymelicus acteon)..

England, Like many other countriesDespite signing a global goal to protect nature, has failed to prevent the decline in biodiversity in recent years. In April 2022, countries are expected to renew their commitment to action by agreeing on new biodiversity goals for 2030. COP15 Summit in Kunming, China..

However, Defra said in 2022 new data on the state of biodiversity in the United Kingdom to allow a “thorough review” of indicators such as pressure from invasive species and the health of birds and other animals. He said he would “pause” the release.

Mark AveryA nature conservation activist and former director of conservation at the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, said: “Defra’s response to the biodiversity crisis seems to stop publishing data that shows that it’s happening. It’s not very good, is it?”

Key indicators of birds, butterflies, priority species and habitats indicate that the situation is deteriorating. For example, bird population measurements on farmland from 2019 data are down 45% from 1970s, with other birds showing a slight decrease. Other measures, such as the time volunteers spend on conservation activities, are increasing, increasing by 61% between 2000 and 2019.

New Scientist I contacted Defra for a response.

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Biodiversity: The UK says it will not release wildlife and habitat data in 2022 Biodiversity: The UK says it will not release wildlife and habitat data in 2022

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