BioShock 4 publishes job ads in open world RPG

BioShock is back … in RPG format! (Photo: 2K)

The new BioShock is likely to be a major advance in the previous game, as it reveals more than the developers intended.

We were a little shocked on Wednesday, to find it ZeniMax Online did not mistakenly reveal what the secret new game was in a new staff classified ad. This is a constant mistake made by video game companies and seems to never happen.

It happened this week as well, but with the makers of the new BioShock game. They have listed a series of new work descriptions that suggest that the new sequel will be an open-world role-playing game.

Cloud Chamber Games is specially configured to work with the new BioShock. This is because the original developer, Irrational Games, has been reduced to just 12 people, renamed Ghost Story Games, and is currently working on games that aren’t related to BioShock.

The original BioShock game was already open to some extent, so it’s hard to tell if this is a completely new approach or a natural advance from the previous title.

Senior Voice Designer Job Ads reaffirms Cloud Chamber’s commitment to the next BioShock before describing the game as “an ambitious, story-driven project full of personality and personality.”

We also touched on the “dialog system” that was not in the original game, and are looking for people with “RPG experience”.

The role of the system designer is to explain “emergent sandbox world”, “systematic ecology of interactive world system and non-AI”, “player growth system and progress”, “game balance and economy”. Talk about

Meanwhile, the role of the game AI programmer describes creating a “meaningful AI city crowd system.” This is a big change from the almost empty world of previous games.

Repeated references to role-playing-style mechanics and open-world environments suggest something that is significantly different from the first three games. Mind shooter.

Obviously, classified ads don’t offer everything, but tonight is The Game Awards, so the game could be officially announced.

This setting is of particular interest to fans, but previous classified ads (obviously no one has learned the lesson) suggested that it was neither Rapture nor Columbia.

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BioShock 4 is an open world RPG reveals job ads

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