BioShock 4 release window may be revealed

The fourth version of 2K Games’ BioShock franchise has been confirmed to be under development at Studio Cloud Chamber for a couple of years at this point. However, other than this general confirmation that a new game is in progress, 2K has not yet chosen to confirm the title. However, if recent leaks related to BioShock 4 apply, it seems that you don’t have to wait too long to hear new information about the project.

A large leak through Nvidia’s GeForce Now service revealed that BioShock 4 was mentioned in the breach. Of the thousands of titles found in the database, the exact title “BioShock 4” was not mentioned, but the name “BioShock 2022” was discovered. Assuming this is clearly the next game in the series that Cloud Chambers are working on, this seems to indicate that at some point next year the fourth installment may be released.

However, the main caveat to this situation as a whole is the effectiveness of the leak in question. At this time, it’s hard to know if all the games found in this GeForce Now leak are accurate. Therefore, the title “BioShock 2022” may be a placeholder that someone other than 2K Games just added to the database. With this in mind, for the time being, take a grain of salt for a future release window.

Still, it’s worth noting that BioShock 4 was developed at least as far back as 2019. So it’s quite possible that the game will actually be released next year, and it’s not too surprising. Hopefully, if the card now has a launch at some point in 2022, it won’t take long for 2K to actually start displaying the game.

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