BioWare: Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah leave studio, all current projects will continue

EA has announced that BioWare General Manager Casey Hudson and the next Dragon Age Executive Producer Mark Darrah will be leaving the company. All ongoing projects, including Anthem Next, the next Dragon Age, and the remaster of Mass Effect: The Legendary Edition, will continue as planned despite the shift in leadership. Samantha Ryan continued to oversee the studio, with Christian Dailey attending. Blizzard’s BioWare will lead the Dragon Age project as executive producer, with Matthew Goldman remaining as the creative director of the project. And the Mass Effect collection will continue to be led by Mike Gamble. The team is also “working hard for the future of the franchise.”This is Hudson’s second departure from BioWare after he first left the studio in 2014 and announced a new position at Microsoft in 2015. Hudson returned to BioWare in 2017, with GM Aaryn Flynn resigning at the time. Gary McKay, Senior Director of Development Operations, will act as the interim studio GM while the company is looking for a new GM. “They have always been an important part of the studio’s history and we appreciate their many contributions and we look forward to seeing what they do next,” said Chief Studio Officer Laura Miere. Said. The EA said in a statement announcing the departure of the duo.

“It’s not easy to make a decision. Such a big change always comes with some sadness. It’s the biggest and most exciting project I can imagine, and I miss working with exciting developers every day. But I know it’s a good time for change, both for myself and for BioWare. ” “It’s deeply humble to look back on decades of career and think about what we’ve achieved together. It’s hard to make a decision to move on, but for all of us, we’re excited about: . “

Dollar also commented on the decision to leave, “This was a very difficult decision for me. A team of great developers at Dragon Age will make my life richer and better. They have a lot to me. But the strength of the team I know that Dragon Age will not only survive without me, but will prosper.

“Christian Daily is a strong leader and provides great insight into the rest of the remaining Dragon Age leadership. This is a team that includes people with decades of experience at BioWare. I’m with you. I’m sure this is a team that can do this, make this Dragon Age the best ever. “

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Meanwhile, the long list of BioWare projects continues-the company continues to produce Star Wars: The Old Republic and continues to work at Anthem Next, as BioWare wants to revive the predators in a major overhaul. I will. Recent research in Anthem 2.0 includes planned changes to loot and weapons, as well as Javelin builds and skill trees. (Christian Dailey on the DA team is the person behind the update of these long Anthem blog posts.)

Meanwhile, BioWare has officially confirmed the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, which is scheduled for release in the spring of 2021, to celebrate this year’s N7 Day. It also makes fun of the new Mass Effect project being worked on by a “experienced team”. And of course, Dragon Age 4 is in the works following a teaser ad at The Game Awards 2018. Recently, we have introduced behind the scenes of the development of Dragon Age 4 at Gamescom 2020.

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