BioWare is creating a new Mass Effect

Mass Effect: Three years after Andromeda couldn’t ignite the story of the new science fiction RPG, developer BioWare announced today that it’s working on the “next chapter of the Mass Effect universe.” eh! Sure, everyone was hoping to announce a remaster of the original trilogy today (because chats about them were leaked for months), but this was a surprising bonus. BioWare doesn’t give any hints about plotting or setting up the new Mass Effect, it just says it’s in the “early stage” of development. I think it’s far away, but I’m very excited.

In today’s N7 Day Mass Effect fandom celebration, BioWare announced: “Here at BioWare, a team of veterans have been working hard to envision the next chapter in the Mass Effect universe. We are in the early stages of the project and I can’t say any more, but about our next goal. We look forward to sharing our vision. “

That’s all they say. They subsequently created an image with the filename mud-skipper.jpg. This is probably what concept art reveals … what? One of those silhouettes is definitely Salarian. Do I think another person is Drell? Then two thick young people. You can’t expect to see Hanal or Elkor, but for some reason I’m disappointed. Now look at the pixels yourself.

Earlier this week, our Imogen had some thoughts on what BioWare would be looking for in a new Mass Effect if it did something, but today we announced that. .. “I know in my heart that this doesn’t happen,” she said. Good!

I want to go back to Citadel Space. I like all the seeds mixed together, it was more lively. And I want you to go back to the strangeness and loneliness of the first Mass Effect. ME2 is certainly my favorite, but ME1 sometimes had such a sense of surprise and discovery. Andromeda lost it in its endless and boring side quests packed into every corner of the galaxy.

It may take a long time for us to learn a lot. BioWare confirmed the new Dragon Age in 2018. Almost three years later, we only saw concept art, a bit of work in progress, and some landscapes.

The original remastered trilogy will be available in the spring of 2021 as Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. It boasts “visual enhancement” support for the latest resolutions, with all enhancements and DLC.

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BioWare are making a new Mass Effect

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