BioWare’s Hudson and Darrah leave Anthemand Dragon Age maker

More top staff leave EA developers.

General Manager of Electronic Arts BioWare, Casey Hudson has announced that he will leave the company.

In a post on the BioWare website, Hudson said he was leaving because he wanted to try something else. GM initially worked in the studio from 1998 to 2014, then worked at Microsoft. In 2017, he returned as General Manager of BioWare after leaving Aaryn Flynn.

Hudson also revealed that Dragon Age executive producer Mark Dollar has also “retired” from the studio. He has been working at BioWare since 1998.

After these two departures, Gary McKay, run by Senior Director of Development, will become the studio’s interim general manager, and BioWare Austin’s studio director, Christian Dailey, will take over as executive producer of Dragon Age.

“Many people would like to thank you for sharing this trip. It’s a player who inspires us and makes everything possible,” Hudson wrote.

“Electronic Arts has given us a stable and supportive environment to keep making games even in the most volatile times, and from there I’ve worked together for years. Many wonderful people who are honored to learn.

“Perhaps above all, I would like to thank the founders of BioWare, Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka, for hiring me as a junior technical artist in 1998. They give me a chance and amaze me most in the flow of my life. It has changed radically in the way it should be. Because of their wisdom and basic values, BioWare has always been based on humility, honesty, and the idea of ​​finding great people and empowering them completely. It was a built company. We were fortunate to be successful. I know that these lasting values ​​will continue to lead to BioWare’s future success. “

These are the latest in a series of departures from BioWare. In August 2019, the studio’s sci-fi shooter Anthem Ben Irving’s chief producer announced his resignation, and in October of the following year, developer’s live service director Chad Robertson also announced his resignation.

Anthem was launched in February 2019 and has received various reviews. At the time, we described the project as “BioWare’s drift in spreadsheet design.” The studio is overhauling the game to improve it.

Meanwhile, BioWare is also working on new entrants to the Dragon Age franchise.

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BioWare’s Hudson and Darrah are leaving the Anthem and Dragon Age maker

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