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Bisma was told by the dollar, Militao left Madrid, Lingard was unwelcome, and Ancelotti should have been hired for Arsenal’s summarization …

Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher claims that Brighton will win the highest amount in the Arsenal-linked Yves Bissouma transfer window.

Bissouma was strong as Brighton and Everton drew a goalless draw in the Premier League this week. His performance this season has led to a lot of speculation that players like Arsenal are ready to offer a transfer in the summer.

And Jamie Carragher, like most fans who watched the game, was impressed with his performance and was praised. He said no player was close to the level of performance in the game and claimed that Brighton would win the best dollars for the player.In the transfer window

“The biggest spark was the performance of Bissouma, who was the best player, but not only the best player on the pitch, but also the best player a mile on the pitch,” he told Sky Sports. I will. HITC..

“You saw him and thought he really looked like the highest quality player.

“He was good at Old Trafford in the last time-out, and he only looked up his head and shoulders above anyone else on the pitch.

“He’s the one many teams have seen and talked to. I don’t think the team is looking at him. I think the team will bid on him.

“Brighton fans will tell you why you’re trying to sell one of our players! But I think you’ll get the best dollars for him.”

round up…

If Arsenal have the money to sign a deal, Bissouma is the type of player who brings a little more quality to that Arteta midfield, so they need to take action. But since so many clubs are interested, do they really have the money?

Arsenal should have appointed Carlo Ancelotti instead of Mikel Arteta, former Premier League striker Darren Bent sensationally insists.

The Gunners are struggling in 9th place, and their hope of reaching the Europa League semi-finals after Slavia Prague scored an important away goal in the second half and gained an advantage on the tie is at stake.

Much has been said about how things have been done at Emirates since Mikel Arteta took over, but many Gunners fans are still not convinced he’s the guy who brings the club back to the top of the game. Hmm.

Bent believes the Gunners made the wrong choice by hiring an inexperienced Arteta early. Instead, I should have brought the impressive Ancelotti to the club. Former England striker and Arsenal fan told talkSPORT.

“I thought Arteta should have gone to Arsenal and Arteta to Everton.”

Bent believes Arteta could be frustrated if Arsenal leave the Europa League and finish the Premier League midtable, but hopes the club will give him more time.

“The early signs were really good in how quickly he got the trophy. Yes, this season was really inconsistent, but Arsenal has become a club that keeps dismissing managers. I don’t want it. At some point, I need to give someone some time, “he said.

“The FA Cup has written a treatise on many cracks. If Arsenal leaves the Europa League and finishes in 10th or 11th place, I think he could be unemployed.

“I’m not good at dismissing a manager, so I hope he stays and turns it around. Arsenal isn’t Chelsea.

“Chelsea has been very successful in doing so, but I don’t think it will work for Arsenal.”

Rio Ferdinand argues that Manchester United midfielder Jesse Lingard is unwelcome to the Arsenal football club.

The England national team, loaned by Manchester United, scored twice against Leicester on the weekend and scored an astonishing eight goals and four assists in nine Irons games.

His performance has led to a lot of speculation in the media that Hammer wants to convince United to leave more permanently with the player at the end of the season.

However, Arsenal are set to hijack West Ham’s Jesse Lingard’s proposed move in the summer transfer window-according to Daily starIn a report, Mikel Arteta claims to have been impressed with the youth’s performance for the hammer.

But Ferdinand even says he couldn’t see the Gunners fans welcoming Lingard to the club and we would break the place apart.

“Yes, but you know what they know [Arsenal fans] He wouldn’t be there, “he said 5 YouTube channels..

“The way he moonwalked the pitch once, they wouldn’t have it. Fans would tear the place. He looked down on the Emirates in a way he couldn’t see.

“Listen to West Ham, I think the other teams will be:” Listen, we want him! “

“He doesn’t intend to go over West Ham to Arsenal, but obviously there are other teams. He doesn’t go near Arsenal.”

round up..

Lingard has a very good season, but Arsenal play differently. This may not be suitable for British people. So Ferdinand is right. Fans will tear him up, just as Willian arrives at the club and fails to play.

Arsenal’s long-term goal, Edel Militao, has reportedly decided to leave Real Madrid at the end of the season.

Mikel Arteta has done a great job since taking over the club, but the Spanish boss knows he needs to dig into the transfer Kitty in the transfer window and add a new defender to the team.

Militao has only one goal in his name, as he has been limited to 30 appearances in all Madrid tournaments so far and is struggling to influence the Spanish side.

What is the latest?

Goal worries that although Militao has not completely abandoned his ambitions with Madrid, the lack of regular minutes could affect his chances of playing in Brazil at the 2022 World Cup. I learned that. He was ready to play for his country in Copa America this summer and join another team to make the final team of Tight.

The Spanish champion recognizes that Militao is attracting international attention and is working to reassure his position in the club.

Is he perfect for Arsenal?

There is no doubt that Militao is a very good player who can be one of the best defenders in the game. Therefore, the fact that he couldn’t make the impact he wanted was a shock.

I am convinced that the move to Arsenal will be a very wise move if he leaves Madrid in the summer. But can they really seduce a player like him to Emirates?

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Bisma Lingard and Militao appear in Arsenal’s summary Bisma Lingard and Militao appear in Arsenal’s summary

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