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3 years ago, Jon Jones Defeat Alexander Gustafsson and again UFC Light heavyweight champion. But, as you’ll see in the next article, after his victory, it wasn’t all laughter and congratulations to him.Jones did not kindly respond to post-combat questions About past drug test problems..

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Headline: Michael Bisping says John Jones wasn’t happy with the FOX Sports interview

Author: Fernando Quills Jr.

Michael Bisping says John Jones wasn’t very happy with him and the FOX Sports officials following UFC 232.

Jones won UFC 232. He played against Alexander Gustafsson in the vacant UFC Light Heavyweight Championship. “Bone” won the match via 3rd round knockout.. There was some tension when Jones was interviewed by FOX Sports Panel, and even the air apologized for the “bone” being a little excited.

Bisping reveals Jones’ off-air rant

Bisping recently featured his “Believe You Me” podcast, claiming that Jones wasn’t very happy during the commercial break.

“We had to interview John Jones at the weighing show, and of course, every time we did this, FOX Studios was clearly a sophisticated machine. Unlike Believe You Me, everything was planned with a fine comb. It’s been a good TV, so they have to know what questions they ask the producers, so they tell us what questions to ask, they’re small printed Give us with a card.

“The only thing is that you can ask difficult questions. And I asked John Jones some questions, but apparently he didn’t like it. After the fight, we I interviewed him again, and when we were during a commercial break, he was talking to anyone who had the power to be in FOX. “That motherfucker Michael Bisping said that. I’m going to ask you another question with a silly story. “

The question Bisping asked was related to Jones’ past drug testing issues.Jones asks PED-related questions and even Apologies to journalists After he blows her up for one of those questions.

Do you think John Jones mishandles PED-related questions, or does he have the right to be upset?

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Bisping says John Jones wasn’t happy with the interview (2019) Bisping says John Jones wasn’t happy with the interview (2019)

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