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Michael Bisping has retired for almost three years, but former UFC middleweight champions continue to go in and out of surgery due to serious long-term injuries resulting from a 13-year fighting career.

The UFC Hall of Fame recently underwent anterior cervical discectomy in California to repair a ruptured disc in the neck. He hopes this will be his last visit to the operating room.

“The last one, hopefully. This is decent. Anterior cervical discectomy. They enter through an incision in front of my neck. Push all the throat and medial to one side to expose the spine. Next, remove the disc, insert the titanium plate, tighten the four screws, shave the osteophytes of the spine and put me back. See you in about 6 hours, “Vispin said. I wrote it on Instagram before.

Bisping is suffering some Severe injury Throughout his career, but none of them prevented him from achieving his dream of becoming a UFC champion. “Count” fought for six years with complete loss of vision in the right eye due to retinal detachment, and somehow KO Luke Rockhold, despite almost loss of vision in both eyes at UFC 199. Won the middleweight title.

“A few days before I flew to Australia in the fight against Rockhold, I head-butted in training and had seams in my eyes.” Bisping said, recalling the Rockhold battle.. “This is all in the book. Obviously everyone knows I have one bad eye, well, because I now have a fake eye there, it works I will not. [Laughs].. But my good eyes are that there are all the stitches on the eyes and when I got to the arena I was told “I can’t fight with the eye stitches” so I actually took out the stitches ..

“So they unstitched and at the beginning of the fight against Rockhold he head-butted me and opened the cut, and I couldn’t see anything wrong. Someone paint If you take the headbutt, pour it into the windshield, and then put on the windshield wiper, the paint will be wiped off, but it will only get dirty. So blood was flowing into my eyes, so I’m this I wiped the blood like, and then I could see for a moment, and then the blood flowed into my eyes again so I wiped it again and then it while I was doing it Boom, I was kicked in the head. I couldn’t tell what happened because I couldn’t see sh * t, but I still wanted to keep fighting, so I couldn’t say it at the time. When I got the chance to rematch, I accepted it, even if I notified him two weeks ago, because I knew I could beat the man, of course. “

Bisping retired in 2018 after a series of outages at Georges St-Pierre and Kelvin Gastelum and now lives in Orange County, California, where he hosts UFC commentators, analysts and podcasts.

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Bisping to have neck surgery 3 years after retirement: “The last one, hopefully” Bisping to have neck surgery 3 years after retirement: “The last one, hopefully”

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