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Bitcoin falls below $ 40,000 as global market sellout spreads to cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin prices have been trading at levels not seen since August, below Friday’s key support levels. This is due to the spread of perceived high-risk asset sales to cryptocurrencies.

The world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization fell by more than 7% to $ 39,010, below the major $ 40,000 level on a slide that began late Thursday.ether
This is done on the Ethereum blockchain, down 8% to about $ 2,878, XRP
Bitcoin cash

And Monero

According to Kraken’s data, everything has caused a sharp loss.

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The decline continued Unstable sessions on Wall Street Repeated Wednesday’s actions, especially in the Nasdaq Composite, stocks turned from an early rise to selling.
This was pushed deep into the correction area.

“There is growing pessimism between investors and traders when it comes to higher risk assets, which primarily affects equity and Bitcoin prices,” said AvaTrade’s chief market analyst. One NaeemAslam said in a note to the customer.

“The problem with Bitcoin is that once Bitcoin begins to fall, price action will fall so that there is no tomorrow,” Aslam said, and January tends to be a historically volatile month for cryptocurrencies. I added that there is.

He blamed the slide for several factors, including the growing loss of its position as a hedge against inflation in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as the Federal Reserve and other central banks around the world. It is expected that strict policies will begin to curb inflation.

Aslam also quoted a proposal from the Central Bank of Russia on Thursday. Prohibit the use and mining of cryptocurrencies.. Russia is one of the world’s leading Bitcoin mining sites and joined China last year, which imposed its own ban.

Earlier Thursday, Oanda’s senior market analyst Edward Moya predicted that Russia’s proposal could bring Bitcoin below $ 40,000.

The adoption mechanism also remains slow, Aslam said.

Aslam said the adoption mechanism seems to be slowing down. “When Elon Musk announced that consumers could buy Tesla
+ 0.06%

With Bitcoin, the price of Bitcoin has increased.Before that, there was news called PayPal

We have started accepting Bitcoins. These kinds of news waves were very supportive of Bitcoin prices. Today, we miss all of them, so Bitcoin prices are falling to find love among traders, “he said.

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Bitcoin prices fell 16% in January and fell 36% in the last three months.

Bitcoin falls below $ 40,000 as global market sellout spreads to cryptocurrencies Bitcoin falls below $ 40,000 as global market sellout spreads to cryptocurrencies

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