Biz Builder Deluxe heads to Switch next week

Kairosoft will bring another simulation game to Switch next week. Biz Builder Delux is scheduled for December 3rd at the Switch eShop announced today.

The game overview and trailer are as follows:

Oh, there’s no such thing as the rhythmic hustle and bustle of a fast-growing business burger … especially when you’re building it! Yes, do what you want as a town entrepreneur, from video game stores to corner fast food stores!

Once your vault is comfortably packed, you are ready to aim at other ripe markets. Don’t be shy, branch off, build a variety of facilities, boost your mood in the town square and inspire the abundance in your pocket!

Remember that if you want to show it to shoppers, you need to develop a strategy. Innovate high-quality products into stock stores while devising combat plans to rout pesky rivals. Only then will your location as the town’s top trader be safe!

It’s not easy to rake up these gold because the free market is fluid … but if you overcome its core, you’ll be Biz Builder Delux!

Biz Builder Delux costs $ 14 at the Switch eShop. Pre-orders will start on November 26th.

Source: Kairosoft PR

Biz Builder Delux heading to Switch next week

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