BJ Novak’s premise is a satire inspired by modern problems | TV / Streaming

The first episode, premiered on September 16th, will feature a series of ways to put together ideas, whether or not all works are allowed to sing equally. The “Social Justice Sex Tape” incorporates police injustices about colored races, deepfake videos, white ally plots, and a sneaky sex tape by a white man (Ben plattMay prove the innocence of a black man imprisoned ()Jermaine Fowler).directed by Kitao Sakurai, It’s wild Robert Downey A senior-like circus on many issues, paralleling the discomfort of social justice and racial issues with the annoyance of having to question the sexual life and alliance length of Pratt’s character. .. The episode bounces between parts of its main subject as it playfully increases its absurdity, especially as an up-and-coming lawyer (as an up-and-coming lawyer).Ayoedebiri) Make this a big case for her and try to get the justice of an unjustly accused man.

Casting is one of the most effective ways to captivate you in episodes of the series. It takes recognizable movie stars and loves putting them in a role that will surprise you in just 30 minutes.Take a moody action star Jon Bernthal In the “silence” written and directed by Novak. Bernthal plays a man hired to publicize gun lobbies nationwide after losing his five-year-old daughter in a shooting. His performance is calm and devastating, showing the pain of annoying interactions that gradually make colleagues uneasy. Written and directed by Novak, this episode demonstrates the ability of the series to ask a sharp “what if”. A question that upsets the script of what someone like Berntal’s character really expects to do, the dramatic depth that everyone goes on makes the premise believed here.

Or in another tone register, Lucas Hedges He plays a pop star named Wheelz that brings extreme suggestions to his former high school students.Hedge is a kind Justin Bieber Knock-off with a consultant like Hillsong, very entertaining without overly joking. It’s surprisingly strange to see such a dramatically clear young actor, with an almost straight face, help clarify that idea that overlaps with celebrities and religions. And faithful to the very good way the series throws faces to make dynamic comedy, George wallace And slow Ed Asner Each has its own legendary rhythm, so it will appear in an even more interesting jewel performance. This episode captures the three most extensive, careful, and goofy modes of the series (trying it out isn’t necessarily a loud laughing show). But it also doesn’t deconstruct the stereotype, pronounces it as a simple joke, and just like a gloomy subplot that includes a promising Asian student to lie down, how slightly the hands of the series are in some characters. Indicates if it is possible.

BJ Novak’s premise is a satire inspired by modern problems | TV / Streaming

https://www.rogerebert.com/streaming/bj-novaks-the-premise-is-an-inspired-satire-of-modern-issues BJ Novak’s premise is a satire inspired by modern problems | TV / Streaming

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