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Gamers Hello, everyone. Alienware Arena holds a new giveaway for In The Black. Let’s listen to them.

Nuclear space battle in the 23rd century!

Some words about in the black

Join us in the closed beta version of In The Black, a hard sci-fi space combat simulator by designers of the Crysis, MechWarrior 2, and X-Wing / TIE fighter series. In this game you will place you in the cockpit of a nuclear spacecraft armed with railguns, lasers, and missiles with nuclear tips. You are a mercenary pilot working for a ruthless megacorporation waging a secret war to control the solar system.

Please note that this is a beta version (not a demo). If you’re looking for a sophisticated experience, we encourage you to subscribe to our e-mail newsletter for the latest information on upcoming releases of the game in Early Access ( Black closed beta function:

  • Intense match-based flight combat.
  • Three classes of advanced space fighters with customizable loadouts and ship skins
    • Shreik-class light reconnaissance fighter
    • Reus-class air superiority fighter
    • Hyperion-class heavy strike fighter
  • It’s easy to follow a training tutorial on how to fly and fight a ship.
  • Hone your shooting skills with the challenging single-player mission Debris Sweep.
  • Three multiplayer game modes for testing metal with or against AI and human pilots.
    • Blind Spot-Assault mode scenario for destroying an enemy team’s base.
    • Mining Facility – A team deathmatch mode scenario set within an underground mining facility.
    • Belt – A conquest mode scenario where you fight for control of three space stations.
  • Atomic Rockets’ Seal of Approval is one of the most realistic space combat simulations ever created.

Join the official Discord community to discuss the game and provide feedback!

Last note

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