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Pearl Abyss today announced that two new classes will be available on the popular MMORPG BlackDesert Mobile. In addition to their arrival, players can expect to host festive events and rewards.

The first of these two classes is Musa, a Korean swordsman who wields blades and horn bows as weapons. His distinctive move sees him taking advantage of a large number of deadly combos and explosive dash attacks.

Beyond that, whenever he swings his blade, this will create a whirlwind that can knock enemies into the air. Meanwhile, he also has a thrust attack that pushes the enemy back while damaging the enemy. After waking up, Musa can use a crescent sword exclusively for swordfighters.

The second of these two classes is Maewha, who also uses blades and bows. She uses a deadly attack combo that evokes a natural flow. She uses these movements in close quarters, picking up enemies from a distance with a bow.

Her blade also has useful additional effects that may prove useful. When she charges the blade, she is knocked down with an icy take, temporarily slowing the blade. Upon waking up, Maewha can use Keri Spear.

As mentioned earlier, there is a series of events to complete and grab rewards to celebrate the arrival of these two characters. This includes Tier 3 pets, advanced black stones, and the Liverto main weapon box, which are easier to level up either character to level 60. There are also special quests to win Carlstein Armor Boxes and Tier 5 Horses. Symbol.

BlackDesert Mobile is currently available on the App Store and Google Play. This is a game that you can play for free with an in-app purchase.

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