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MMO is my great pleasure. My favorite is Guild Wars and FINAL FANTASY XIV.For the past few years I’ve been looking for something new to sink my teeth, and that’s when I come across Black desert For the first time. I first saw a video of the depth of customization that this game offers online. It was a big selling point for me and it caught my attention.Further digging, I found gameplay videos and trailers and got them back to the gorgeous and fun of the game, but after buying the game on the PC, I found that the old PC wasn’t up to the norm, and the trailer The flashy graphics I saw in did not work pretty well as well, which sadly finished playing my time Black desert…. So far, I knew I had to try the game again after making sure it was available on the PS4. This time, I hope you can get the complete experience you missed for the first time.

Black desert Online is an MMORPG originally released for PC in 2016, but appeared on the console in 2019. There is a version that you can play for free, but it does not provide a complete experience.The· Black desert There is a story, but we expect players to find it for themselves by exploring and exploring the vast in-game world. It takes place in a high fantasy setting that revolves around the conflict between two rival countries, the Republic of Calpheon and the Kingdom. Of Valencia. Long ago, the four major regions of Calpheon, Serendia, Valenos and the Media were peaceful, but all changed when a plague called plague began to spread throughout the country and hundreds of people died. The four regions decided to place the plague’s responsibility in Valencia, saying they must have come from them because they interfered with the alchemy of black stones, and the four regions formed an alliance against Valencia. Started the war at Black desert And stop them from interfering with the black stones. The war was finally over when many natural disasters changed the world dramatically. As mentioned above, the lore is for the game, but you have to go out and find it. This can be done through all available quests, interactions with NPCs, and exploration of the world. Sadly, when I started playing, I didn’t know what was going on, I just ran the main quest given by the NPCs and the Black Spirit.

A lot of things are happening Black desert Trying to cover all of this review would make the page lengthy, so I’ll pick a few highlights I’ve found. Black desert When it comes to MMO, I think it stands out more than others. The first one is character customization. It’s so detailed that you can make your character look like a celebrity. People have seen pictures online. It makes their wizard look like a Benedict Cumberbatch, which is great. The possibilities are endless and the two characters will never look the same in the game. It’s like a meme that takes hours to create the perfect character, put on armor and hide.

Combat is great, but it takes some getting used to. Unlike other MMOs that have system-like targets and attack, evade, and move on their own while performing various skill combos instead of casting spells. Other MMOs I’ve played don’t have this mechanism. If anything, I think the fighting will be more fluent and visually pleasing. Other MMOs have your skill at the bottom and you have to press that skill to use it, Black desert Allows players to perform various combos and cast skills to perform.Class skill tree Black desert It’s huge, and after a certain level, after the character wakes up, the skill will improve further. These add more skills to your character and offer a whole new style for mastering. Today, the game has 20 unique classes, each providing hours of fun and rewarding content. The game has a family system that allows all characters to be part of one big family, giving each character certain perks and bonuses for more characters and their overall condition. Players can also create multiple characters.

The war is great, this is free for all guild battles where the guild fights for daily nodes and weekly conquests, winning them will bring high rewards and specific access to your guild so you can give them yours The benefits that must be in the A game. If you want to sail the seven seas, why not build a boat and sail the ocean. You can use this amazing feature to fish, hunt sea monsters and much more. You can also tame wild horses and elephants and use them as mounts. If that’s not enough, you can raise it to get a better mount, store it yourself, or sell it on the market.

Black desert If you get tired of the quest to not only provide content and things to your players, but also acquire your character’s life skills, these are similar to those found in Runescape, but on a better, larger scale. is. You can use these life skills to make money in-game and make things yourself, so it’s probably best to learn some, but not all, with one character. Not only this, you can set up trade routes, hire workers to collect resources, sell them, or use them to make something better for you. Why stop there when you can get a house in each of the major towns and regions and customize it to your liking? Want a house that suits your storage needs, got it, want a house that can make your dream home?No problem this is all possible Black desert..

Some negatives I have Black desert Some quests look repetitive and perform similar tasks. You’ll notice that the render time for certain areas is shocking on the PlayStation 4, waiting for the character and it to render to the world for quite some time. Some servers seem to have a lot of delay / lag, but I’m not sure if it’s just me or the real problem playing the game on the console. Also, I use the auto-run feature a lot and just let the character run where I need it when I’m looking at or reading my phone. Black desert A wiki on how to do certain things. Sadly, the game doesn’t work when it comes to showing the rope to the player. Black desert When it comes to gameplay, it’s very different from other MMOs you’ve played in the past. I feel that it may come with an instruction manual that describes certain things. It tells me how it works, but I feel like it doesn’t. How to get started or why this is good for you. Many YouTube videos, Research, and a friendly community have helped. Being an MMO, you can make the game more enjoyable by breaking up with other people and doing quests with them. You can do it yourself and enjoy it with others.

Graphically Black desert It looks beautiful, and I’m happy that I can finally play with some charm compared to when I was originally playing on an old PC. Yes, there are rendering issues, but the character and overall environment look incredible and captivate you. There are several voice actors who have the ability to moan and moan the character during combat and while being damaged, but mostly I just enjoy the overall mood the game has to provide. I sometimes listen to catchy music.

MMOs provide players with so much replay value and content that they can spend as much time as they spend playing.Even more so Black desert Encourages players to create multiple characters and create surnames, and to do the vast amount of things the game provides to players. Not only this, but whenever you find an active guild or make active friends, something is happening and there is something to do.I find myself playing late Black desert I was looking for the next main MMO because I would eat it without noticing it, so it’s not necessarily a bad thing and I think I might have found it.


Black desert I’m back in my life on the PS4, but I’m not sure if this will be the place I’ll keep playing. For me MMO is for PC and that’s my personal opinion. With the mouse and keyboard, they feel like they are played best. Black desert I may stick with it because I provided mouse and keyboard support on the PlayStation, but it’s not.I still play Black desert You can play with the maximum settings on your gaming PC and enjoy a smoother and optimal gaming experience. If you don’t have a gaming PC, don’t get me wrong. If you’re looking for a new MMO, or if you’re looking for your first MMO, buy this. It’s a great place to try and it’s provided free of charge. Play the service to see if it suits you. For me, move from PlayStation to PC and continue Shenanigan in-game. You will find that this provides a more comfortable and graphically better experience. Playing MMO on a controller doesn’t really work because it feels like it maps too much to one controller. The Black Desert works fine with this, but it still feels clogged and clunky.My overall play time Black desert It was explosive, it got hours of content, great character customization, and just a little bit for players to sink their teeth. If you can overcome rendering issues and lack of guidance, this game is definitely worth mentioning. If you’re like me and have a gaming PC, it’s highly recommended to pick up the game there. This is a better gaming experience. Black desert Online is one of the ridiculous MMOs that fans of this genre don’t play. For these reasons, I am happy to give 7 out of 10 points.

The Black Desert is a PS4 review and can be purchased here for £ 24.99. The game is also available on Xbox One and PC.

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Black Desert Review – (PS4)

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