Black Friday 2020: Get Biohazard 3 Remake for $ 15 Now

Big Day itself is November 27th, but Black Friday sales in 2020 are already in full swing, and major retailers are offering record lows for some of the most popular games of the year.If you’re looking for a creepy person, you don’t need to look any further Biohazard 3 Best Buy Black Friday Deal, 1999 Resident Evil 3: Nemesis 2020 remake. Retailers have reduced the price of PS4 and Xbox One games to US $ 15. If you have an Xbox Series X or PS5 with a disk drive, it’s backward compatible so you can play this physical copy on those systems.

Resident Evil 3 is the third remake of the survival horror franchise, following the remake of the reputed Resident Evil 2 released last year. About that memo: Resident Evil 2 is also on sale at Black Friday 2020, Best Buy is currently selling for $ 15. So if you haven’t played either remake, you can get both for just $ 30 this week.

At GameSpot, the game received 6/10. Editor Alessandro Filari criticized the unpleasant setpiece and lack of presence of Nemesis, but praised its stunning visuals, protagonist, and survival horror elements. The RE3 campaign lasts about 6 hours and is difficult to sell for $ 60, but it’s a much better product for just $ 15.

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