Black Friday 2020: Marvel Avengers Get Big Discounts This Week

Black Friday trading has been rolling out for the past month, but at least during Thanksgiving Week here, the event culminates in some of the best game prices of the year. This includes discounts on video games released in 2020, including Marvel’s Avengers. If you haven’t got a superhero action game yet, Black Friday is the ideal time. GameStop will be trading the best Black Friday at Marvel’s Avengers, dropping to just $ 27 later this week.

Marvel’s Avengers will get additional content in the near future. In addition to the next-generation version released in 2021, the first Marvel’s Avengers DLC character, Kate Bishop, will be released next month.

Phil Hornshaw, Editor of GameSpot, said: It’s worth sticking to Marvel’s Avengers and seeing how to adjust the two halves of their personality to make something even better in the future. “

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