Black Friday 2020 rifts and tears reduce eternal price to $ 20

Using Doom Eternal, id Software continued to restart classic shooters with faster shooting and tactical demolition. If you missed it when it was released earlier this year, you can get it for just $ 20 during Black Friday 2020. It’s currently backwards compatible with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S, and will one day receive a free next-generation upgrade. future.

The sale price applies to both the Xbox One version and the PlayStation 4 version of Doom Eternal, and if you have disk drive versions of Microsoft and Sony next-generation consoles, the game will work with them as well. Bethesda does not indicate exactly when the free PS5 and Xbox Series X / S upgrades will be released on Doom Eternal. All we know is that they will be removed “at a later date”.

But if you’re a shooter, this is definitely a deal you should pay attention to. Doom 2016 modernizes id’s classics, combining the feel of a fast-paced old-fashioned shooter with many tweaks and improvements, and Doom Eternal continues to evolve its ideas. Eternal plays officially by combining the health, armor, and ammo drops gained from enemies with how they are dispatched, turning the constant demon-killing genocide into a kind of puzzle-solving dance. .. If you run the finisher, set fire to your enemies, and tear them apart with a chainsaw, you’ll get all the different drops, so you’ll have to keep moving, tearing, and tearing to stay alive.

“It may take some time to get the hang of it, but the complexity of Doom Eternal’s combat, combined with its enhanced maneuverability and a high-level design with many options, makes Doom 2016 work. It creates a lot of white knuckle moments that enhance, well, “we wrote in the review. “The battle is just as quick and chaotic, but to win, you need to constantly analyze everything that’s happening. Once you get the hang of Doom Eternal’s rhythm, it’s like a savant killing the devil. You will feel .. “

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