Black Friday Best VR Deals: Get a Free Carrying Case with Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2- (now officially known as Meta Quest 2-) is the best VR headset choice you can buy this festive week, with an excellent library of games and inside-out tracking, everywhere. Enables truly unbound games from living rooms to parks. The $ 300 price for the 128GB model is already pretty cheap, but there are currently some Black Friday deals. Walmart Get a free carrying case ($ 50 worth) with a 128GB Quest 2 purchase, and Target and Best Buy are throwing $ 50 worth of in-store vouchers with a 128 or 256GB model purchase.

Black Friday Best VR Deals

History shows the sale of Oculus Quest 2 in both hardware and software libraries. Past Black Friday sales include discounts on accessories compatible with Oculus Quest headsets at various retail stores. During this period, the game store also offers special discounts so you can catalog as soon as you get your headset.

The quest platform shows no signs of slowing down. Ubisoft is creating a new experience based on the Splinter Cell and Assassin’s Creed brands, creating a new port for Resident Evil 4, recently launched in Quest 2. Certain games are for Quest 2 only and are Quest 1, so we recommend upgrading.

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