Black Friday Best Xbox Series X and Xbox Deals

Black Friday is a very busy time in the 2020 game. The holiday season is always full of new releases, but in 2020 PS5 and Xbox Series X will be available. These are two of the largest video game consoles available. This means that the level of hype will exceed the normal limit for entering November, especially when more inventory becomes available. Inventory is a large transaction in itself, so it is unlikely that you will see the transaction in the console. But even though we’ve got most of the headlines as expected, not just the new consoles, we’ll probably have a lot to talk about for the rest of the year. It also features the best Black Friday deals on all video games, technologies and gadgets for 2020.


TL; DR-Xbox Best Deal (Live Now)

Game Pass Ultimate 3-month subscription

Xbox Video Games Black Friday Deals

Amazon and Microsoft are already switching to Xbox Black Friday gaming trading.



Currently, there are nearly 750 games sold directly by Microsoft, but too many to list. Here are some of the best.

Walmart (not live yet)

Best buy (not live yet)

GameStop (not live yet)

Black Friday Deals: Xbox Controllers and Accessories from Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and more

Xbox wireless controller
Turtle Beach Recon 200 Amplified Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach Recon 200 Amplified Gaming headset

Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S

Seagate Game Drive for Xbox


Seagate game drive Xbox

Includes 1 month Xbox Game Pass

Astro A10 headset
Western Digital WD_Black P10


Western Digital WD_Black P10

Game drive for Xbox One

Seagate Game Drive Hub


Seagate game drive Hub

Store up to 200+ games on an 8TB storage drive. Works on Xbox One or Xbox One S. Can be used to play Xbox One games on Series X / S.

Seagate game drive
Xbox One Wireless Controller
Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition
Xbox One Wireless Controller (Midnight Force II Special Edition-Walmart Limited)

Xbox One Wireless Controller (Midnight Force II Special Edition-Walmart Exclusive)

* Start from 11/25 *

Xbox Wireless Controller (Carbon Black)
Xbox Wireless Controller (Shock Blue)
Xbox Wireless Controller (Robot White)
Xbox One Wireless Controller (Night Ops Camo Special Edition)

Xbox One Wireless Controller (Night Ops Camo Special Edition)

* Start from 11/25 *

Xbox controller (Arctic Camo Special Edition)

Xbox controller (Arctic Camo Special Edition)

* Start from 11/25 *

Black Friday Deals: Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold

1 month game pass Ultimate


1 month game pass Ultimate

Transactions are valid only for new subscribers.

Xbox 3 Month Game Pass Ultimate

Xbox Series X Console confirmed to be in stock during Black Friday

Xbox series X


Xbox series X

Wal-Mart will make the Xbox Series X available online from 7 pm on November 25th.

Xbox series X


Xbox series X

Best Buy will make Xbox Series X available online on November 27th.

Action Plan: How to Get the Best Xbox Deals on Black Friday

When it comes to Black Friday savings, it’s actually pretty easy to be sure to take the lead. Know what you want. One of the great attractions of this event is impulse buying. See the signs of that big glowing sale and dive into the endless dark whirlpool of discounts, bundles, Cyber ​​Monday and the new Oral-B toothbrush for $ 79.99. I know what you want.

In addition to all the discounts on Cyber ​​Monday, this stage covers all the best deals on Black Friday throughout the sales event, which basically takes more than a week.If you want to find the best deals as well as the same old offers that have been rehashed, please pay attention to and follow the dedicated Black Friday page. @Deals Check out all the best game trading updates, Black Friday and more on Twitter.

Expectations: Xbox Video Games Deals During Black Friday 2020

Video games will be a big focus, and you have a lot of new releases to check out as well. New launch titles don’t tend to get big discounts during Black Friday, but prices often drop from time to time. Given the number of games you’ll play this year, a few dollars here and there can save you a lot of cash. Spider-Man, Black Ops Cold War, Demon’s Souls, Assassin’s Creed, Watch Dogs, we were able to continue.

When it comes to Xbox, you might expect many big third-party titles to get big discounts. This is closely related to games that receive free next-generation upgrades on Xbox Smart Delivery. For example, Borderlands 3 likes to go down to about $ 10 for large-scale sales, with new glossy paints on all next-generation systems.

Confirmed Xbox Series X Games

What to expect: Xbox external storage is dealing with this Black Friday

Accessories are another big topic of the year, especially when it comes to external storage capabilities. The Xbox Series X makes use of some additional sophisticated SSD storage, but it can quickly run out if you install a lot of large triple A games like Gamepass titles and Call of Duty. there is. Currently, Series X and Series S storage can be upgraded with a dedicated $ 220 expansion card. This will add 920GB of available space to the console. The order for this is live and I don’t expect it to drop soon.

Eventually, along with the licensed Seagate extensions, there may be several more third-party SSD cards that also work on the console. You can also save your games using a USB 3.1 external hard drive, but this option means that your saved games won’t take advantage of the Xbox Velocity architecture, which should improve load times and performance. is. The solution to this is to transfer the game to SSD when you want to use it. This is still a more affordable option and we expect a lot of external hard drive deals coming to Black Friday.

Expectations: Xbox Game Pass Black Friday 2020 Deals

When it comes to trading online memberships, I’m completely hoping to see some delicious discounts on Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass. There are already confirmed deals on Best Buy on November 22nd during the Black Friday sale, with a 3-month Ultimate Pass for just $ 22.99. This is $ 22 off the list price and you can expect similar offers elsewhere. Game Pass Ultimate is definitely the membership you want to stick with about Xbox at this time.

Since the launch of the Xbox Series X, Game Pass has a great library of games on consoles and PCs, online multiplayer access using Live Gold, the entire EA Play library of titles, and cloud streaming to mobile devices using xCloud. It contains. Even with the regular monthly fee of $ 14.99, this is a good deal. We’re doing Black Friday business for only $ 7.66 in future discounts. Not only that, more Bethesda titles are expected to appear on the service, and with the recent $ 7.5 billion acquisition, the future for Xbox gamers looks very bright.

28 Best Xbox Games Pass Games

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