Black Friday TVs Best Buy Saves Up to $ 1000

Grace Curtis, Tuesday, November 24, 2020, 15:28 GMT

Best Buy, which always offers discounts even in peacetime, is at the top of the Black Friday big sale this year. They lowered everything from whisks to refrigerators, but we found one place where you could save hundreds – Wide screen TV.

At the bottom of the scale in terms of size and price are small 4K LED TVs from brands such as Samsung and Toshiba. The discounts aren’t very impressive, but they’re still huge.For example, $ 300 43 inches Insignia Smart TV, Fire TV (Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, etc.) are included in one-third.

If you pay a little more (OK, pay more), you can put your OLED TV in your bag. OLED, which stands for “organic light emitting diode”, means that you can access a much wider range of colors than a regular set. Of course, there is also high resolution enough to see all the bristle taste buds on Baby Yoda’s tongue. You can comfortably find discounts over $ 500 in this price range. If you have a good size living room and burning money, it’s an OLED for you.

Trading on the large TV closes on Sunday. Some of them are already sold out, so why don’t you think about it carefully? If you change your mind, that’s fine. BestBuy is implementing an extended returns policy until January 16th.

4K TV (small and medium size)

4K TV (Large)


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Black Friday TV deals at Best Buy cut prices by up to $1000

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