Black Mesa has ended with a Definitive Edition update

After more than a decade of work (and nine months after the game was actually released), the Black Mesa gang has finally almost completed a Half-Life remake. Today, they’ve launched a big update, called the “Definitive Edition,” with changes such as visual updates in many areas, performance improvements, additional polishing, and a one-level redo from a bit on every train. Was added. They … still have some small fixes to follow, but they really, really, get angry and almost end up with it.

Developer Crowbar Collective states that DefEd is Black Mesa’s “last big update.” Includes dozens of adjustments and fixes …

  • Extensive polish and art updates throughout the game
  • Full lighting and gameplay path to the “Powerups” chapter
  • Complete redesign of the second “OnA Rail” map (Map B)
  • Key game-wide optimizations that improve performance on low to medium range PCs
  • “We’ve Got Hostiles”, “On A Rail”, “Questionable Ethics”, “Surface Tension”, “Forget About Freeman” Outdoor Art Pass
  • Fixed several issues with in-game audio sliders. Fixed a “sound effect” slider that adjusts everything except footsteps and shooting, resulting in an inadequate audio mix. You should now be able to hear everything mixed as you intended. This will greatly improve the audio experience for those who have adjusted the audio slider.
  • Use game-wide auto-save paths to reduce frustrating death back farther in the level
  • Fixed an issue where vending machine soda cans wouldn’t hit

I am very happy that the can issue has been fixed. I have to get a bumpy can. However, they say there are still some issues, such as the controller not working in the main menu. They also say they are still considering the best way to release the map source files. But in general, that’s it. Black Mesa is basically complete.

“Then it’s Half-Life,” Graham said in a Black Mesa review when he ended early access in March. “I used to say this was my favorite game. Well, I think it’s a first-person shooter that is sometimes great, mostly good, and sometimes fascinating junk. Black Mesa is junk. It smoothes most of the stuff and keeps it great and good. It doesn’t modernize outdated designs, but it doesn’t have a half-life. Currently, what we’ve done so far If you don’t have one, it’s a great way to recreate Valve’s original design, and if you have old ventilators, it’s a great way to retread them. “

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Black Mesa’s Definitive Edition update makes it just about finished

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