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Treyarch rocked the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War meta with a weapon balance update, as promised.

The developers published a shooter update yesterday, December 15th, but only now have patch notes published, and the scope of the changes is clear.

The headline change was an important weakness of the M16 and AUG tactical rifles, both of which were considered the two main weapons of the game. The M16 has a reduced maximum effective range and rate of fire. The AUG has reduced headshot multiplier, maximum effective range, rate of fire, and reduced damage to the 19.8-inch MTF’s barrel attachment.

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These nerfs need to go some way in order to do what Treyarch says. In short, shake up Black Ops Cold War’s competitive multiplayer meta in time for Christmas.

Meanwhile, both in-game shotguns, Hauer77 and GalloSA12, are slammed nervously. As expected, the AK-47 assault rifle is slightly weakened. The power shortage FFAR1 has been enhanced. Other buffs attack Milan, KSP, Bullfrog SMG for more effective damage range, M60 LMG improves ADS speed and weapon exchange speed, M82 sniper rifle (sniper rifle remains almost intact) But), Magnum pistol.

It is worth noting that the perks of the flak jacket (which is widely considered essential) have been weakened to reduce the mitigation of explosive damage (Launcher FTW!). Spycraft perks are now fully resistant to FieldMic detection, and Ninja perks have removed protection from FieldMic detection. Speaking of field microphones, it no longer detects users crouching, ADS walking, or swimming. This can be very nervous.

My first impression is that this is a decent attempt to level the Black Ops Cold War meta beyond the tactical rifle dominance we have seen. As always, I’m sure new weapons will come out as new metas, but for now, it’s fun to try new weapons in the game.

Other changes worth mentioning are the adjusted spawns in Nuketown to reduce spawns in long lines to reduce spawn trapping, and the spawns in and around the center of the map to reduce spawn trapping. Contains additions. As a big fan of Nuuktown, these changes are certainly welcomed.

Patch notes can be found on the Treyarch website.


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