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Player Call of duty We know that different zombie modes are always full of different Easter eggs. Whether it’s a small reference to pop culture or a song to kill the undead, zombie games are full of them.One of the main ones from Call of Duty Black Ops Cold Wars The zombie map Die Maschine people are talking about includes a zombie dance party. But what is that dance party?

How to unlock Easter eggs for a zombie dance party

After activating power in Die Maschine, you and your team may move to another dimension. The first thing you need to do to unlock an Easter egg at a zombie dance party is to find and shoot some glowing orbs. These orbs are located in the particle accelerator chamber. Shoot each one until you hear a humming sound. After doing this, you and your team will be teleported to the Zombie Dance Party Aude.

Sometimes, instead of being carried to a different dimension only superficially, you will be taken to something really new. After teleporting, you may end up with something that can only be called a zombie dance party.

There is no big difference between the two worlds. The main thing is that the alternative world is in the purple filter, with the zombie corpse floating upwards after death.

Instead of attacking you, all the zombies are dancing around the Pack-A-Punch machine. Some of the zombies also have a coffin dance meme in the center of the room. When they arrive at the center, you will be teleported to the normal world and a crate will come with you. When you open the crate, you’ll see some useful items inside. Stay in this zombie dance party world for a while and then teleport to a non-living world.

The rarity of an item depends on the color of the face on it. Items that can be included in the crate include the Juggernog Monkey Bomb and powerful weapons.

For many Cold war Check out the guide, the link below:

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombie Dance Party Guide

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