Black Panther 2 is rumored to establish a Namor MCU spin-off franchise

New rumors suggest that Namor & Atlantis will be part of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and that Namor spin-off film will be installed on the MCU.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever It is rumored that this time it will establish another major franchise on the MCU. Namor character.. Black panther One of Marvel Studios’ most successful films and $ 1.3 billion, the 13th highest-paying film in the world. It’s also the only Marvel Studios movie to win an Academy Award for Best Picture. Ryan Coogler is back to direct the long-awaited sequel, but has kept much of the film secret.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever There was a very difficult production. With the tragic death of Star Chadwick Boseman in 2020, the script was completely rewritten and the movie’s release date was postponed from May 6, 2022 to November 11, 2022. Marvel Studios has decided not to recast T’Challa. Boseman’s honor, and many rumors, point out that his sister Shri has taken up the Black Panther cloak. However, star Letitia Wright was injured on the set and production stopped for two months while they were filming as much as possible around her. Wright then returned to the set Shooting begins with about a month of shooting work left on the film.

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While plotting the details Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Rare, one common rumor is that it features the character Namorthe Submariner.according to Bleeding coolThe sequel is rumored to feature Namor, his Namora, and Atlantis warlord Atlantis, and features the war between Wakanda and Atlantis.The presence of Namor in the movie is similar to the presence of Black Panther Captain America: Civil War With plans to spin off Namor into his own film.


Created by writer and artist Bill Evert in 1939, Namor was one of the first superheroes of the golden age of comics and the main character of Marvel Comics, then named Timely Comics.Stanley has returned the character to the page Fantastic four It became fourth in 1962 and has since been a major player in the Marvel Universe as the ruler of Atlantis. He often found himself an enemy and ally of Fantastic Four, Black Panther, X-Men, Doctor Doom, and many others.Universal Pictures retained the rights to the characters and both. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s StoneWith Chris Columbus Terminator 3: The rise of the machineJonathan Mostow was directly obsessed.For years it has been Marvel Studios has acquired the rights If the rumors are true, Universal’s options seem to have expired, even if you return to the character or Universal still holds them.

Marvel Studios has laid the foundation for Atlantis and Namor to appear on the MCU for years. Iron man 2 The map above the sea has the SHIELD logo. Avengers: Endgame Featured references to submarine earthquakes, and more recently Eternals We featured Celestial Tiamut, which emerged from the Indian Ocean. This could have caused great confusion in Atlantis. With Fantastic Four set to join the MCU, it seems like the right time for Namor to make his big screen debut.The notion of fighting advanced civilizations like Atlantis and Wakanda will certainly be a bold direction. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever And you can introduce the next breakout hero of the MCU.

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Source: Bleeding cool

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Black Panther 2 is rumored to establish a Namor MCU spin-off franchise

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