Black Widow explains the turmoil at the end of Hawkeye

Hawkeye was anxious to reunite with his family, but is willing to sacrifice himself to save the world — and his partner Black Widow.

the film Black widow More light on the moments of Natasha (Scarlett Johansson) and Clint / Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) Avengers: Endgame.. After a decade-long journey to collect Infinity Stones, Thanos (Josh Brolin) achieved his goal of thinning out half of the universe, and his snaps had a different impact on the rest of the Avengers. Over the next five years, Tony, also known as Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), started the family, Steve, also known as Captain America (Chris Evans), held a support group meeting, and Thor (Chris Hemsworth) was new. Settled in Asgard. Bruce joined the Hulk. Meanwhile, Black Widow led the team to solve threats everywhere in the universe, including Clint’s Ronin persona, who kills criminals around the world.

But when the Avengers went back in time and realized they had a chance to collect Infinity Stones themselves and restore Thanos’ snaps, Clint and Natasha bravely took on the mission at Volmir.Unfortunately, to get the Soulstone, Black Widow or Hawkeye had to be sacrificed, “Soul for soul“. Both wanted to do their own heroic acts. For Natasha, sacrificing her soul means fulfilling her desire to bring back everyone, which has been her priority for the past five years.

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Hawkeye has spent the past few years brutally killing the criminals who survived Snap because of the frustration that the whole family didn’t. In fact, Hawkeye’s only motivation for joining Time Heist was that his wife and children were least likely to return. So why would he just give up his life easily if he was obviously dying to see his family?Hawkeye may have been willing to save people this time, perhaps because he learned about what happened at. Black widow..Know that part of Natasha’s intention to sacrifice herself It is to erase the red of the ledger. Hawkeye just doesn’t want to stand there. After all, he told his longtime friends and partners her “10 values ​​of my life“.

of Black widow, Natasha’s Budapest mission with Clint has finally been revealed: she had to assassinate Drekov (Ray Winstone) before she could escape to the Shield. Despite knowing that carrying out her mission would kill Drekov’s daughter Antonia (Olga Kurylenko), Natasha did it and convinced herself that the red room needed to be demolished. .. Surprisingly, both father and daughter survived the attack, but Antonia was seriously injured. After that, she controlled her mind and body with a tip. Turn her into a taskmaster.. Drekov, who is using the Taskmaster for his own good, fueled Natasha’s guilt because she knew she was the reason another girl was suffering. That’s why Black Widow decided to sacrifice herself in Volmir — because it was her last act of redeeming her past. She always felt out of place among her fellow avengers, but by dying the hero’s death, she was able to at least make up for the lives she had taken and destroyed, including the Taskmaster.

However, if Hawkeye might know about the Taskmaster, he also knew about Natasha’s adopted family, Alexei Shostakov (David Harbor). Melina Vostokoff (Rachel Weisz), and Yelena Bolova (Florence Pugh).. Clint may have realized that among the Avengers and her Russian family, Black Widow is needed by many and saving her is more beneficial than he is behind. If I had to choose one, Black widow It only proved how much Natasha had grown. So Hawkeye was immediately ready to dive into Soulstone from that cliff.

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Black Widow explains the turmoil at the end of Hawkeye

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