Black Widow’s Florence Pugh joins Marvel’s Hawkeye series at Disney Plus

Florence Pugh will replay her role as Black Widow’s intimate and colleague Jelena Belois in the next Marvel Disney Plus television series. Hawkeye, According to the variety.

This is the first tip we have Hawkeye Directly linked to a particular movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — except how Jeremy Renner starred as Clint Barton Avengers: Endgame..

I already knew that Hailee Steinfeld was on board as another Hawkeye, Kate Bishop. In the comics, everyone took the Hawkeye cloak when he thought Clint Barton was dead, but he really ran around as Ronin. Endgame.. Variety reports that Marvel Studios has added six more cast members to the Disney Plus show: Pew, Vera Farmiga, Fluffy, Tony Dalton, Arakua Cox, Zan McLanon.

Farmiga (The Conjuring) Plays Eleanor Bishop, the mother of Kate Bishop. Cost (Les Miserables) Plays Matt Fraction and David Aja’s ultimate villain, Kajimietsu Kajimi Elzac. Hawkeye The comic series that is the basis of the TV series. Dalton (Better call saul) Circus performers turn into heroes and villains and take on the role of Clint Barton’s early mentor, Jack Duquene. Cox plays Echo, a native American superhero for the hearing impaired. Echo can learn a skill just by watching someone else perform the skill. Black widow Villain taskmaster. McLanon (Fargo) Plays Echo’s father, William Lopez.

Pew’s Belova makes his next debut Black widow Feature film. Like Kate Burton, Jelena Belois was one of Marvel’s legacy characters and took over the established superhero cloak after their death. As a fellow graduate of the Russian Red Room program, Marvel Universe’s most deadly finishing school, Belova was the second Black Widow and still appears in comics today.

Black widowSet shortly after the 2016 event, where Scarlett Johansson is expected to make a final appearance on the MCU Captain America: Civil War.. The appearance of Jelena Belova in the modern Marvel project may indicate that Marvel is more prepared for the character and Oscar-nominated Pew.

Hawkeye It will be premiered in late 2021 or 2022.

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