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BlackBerry’s parabolic potential makes it the top stock in TFSA.

Stocks that investors want to put into a duty-free savings account (TFSA) usually have a high-growth nature. Taking advantage of duty-free capital gains is a big problem.For companies like BlackBerry (TSX: BB)(NYSE: BB) With incredible growth potential, TFSA is arguably the right investment vehicle.

We haven’t seen growth yet

Expectations for massive growth on the horizon have pushed BlackBerry’s share to its highest level in the last 52 weeks. But the facts remain, and this growth has yet to happen.

Speculation is one thing, but it’s all about investing with a good knowledge of future cash flows. So I don’t think BlackBerry is a speculative play, as it is a stock with incredible growth potential. The new bullish I found on BlackBerry comes from the company’s recent partnership.

As I wrote Recent articles, “The software and future big data needs that BlackBerry is developing to enhance analytics could change the game. The company’s Intelligent Vehicle Data Platform (IVY) collects data from vehicle sensors. Improve. Therefore, there is the potential for big data that did not exist tomorrow in improving the performance of next-generation vehicles. The potential benefits of this technology are amazing, and BlackBerry and Amazon are in this market. I think it’s in a good position to dominate. “

I think BlackBerry is finally about to generate remarkable quarterly growth. Of course, until this growth is realized, the stock now has some speculation built into it.


That said, I think BlackBerry is on the verge of even higher parabolic movements. I have a lot of things I like about the company’s deal with Amazon. I think this has the potential to make a difference in this area. In addition, I think the stock was set for a significant rise in stock prices on the horizon due to a multiple decline in BlackBerry valuations in the past.

Indeed, when you look at where other high-growth software and tech stocks are traded in terms of valuation, BlackBerry is very cheap. If you believe in BlackBerry’s growth potential like me, this is easy for growth-minded investors. For investors who want to get the maximum return over time, we recommend this stock as a TFSA holding.

Like other high-flying technology stocks, there are risks today. High valuations in this sector expose investors to the high level of downsides of market corrections. Stupid investors are encouraged to own a very diverse equity portfolio that spans different sectors and consider investment styles (that is, sprinkle some value on growth).

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BlackBerry’s parabolic potential makes it the top stock in TFSA. BlackBerry’s parabolic potential makes it the top stock in TFSA.

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