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The LFA came back on Friday night and had a great night at LFA98. LFA is always excitingA fast-paced card with lots of stops and good matchmaking. It separated itself as the number one feeder of the young talent to the UFC.

The middleweights will clash at the main event in the evening.Very talented Josh Fremd Undertake Bruno Oliveira.. Oliveira will make his promotional debut in the Dana White Contender series in November, where he fought his final battle with a losing effort. He is also comfortable on hits and mats and has a highly developed submission game.

Josh Fremd Achieve four consecutive victories on Friday night. Both of his two fights took place in the LFA, and he won both fights in the first round through a strike. He is a betting favorite to take part in this fight, but I hope it will be a very close fight that is unlikely to go far.

In a light weight co-functional game at night, JJ Okanovic I will challenge Lucas clay.. Their total record is a very impressive 13-2, which should be another great fight between two talented fighters. JJ Okanovic won six consecutive times, fighting for Bellator and then in the Dana White Contender series. He won the battle, but was not offered a contract for his decisive victory.

Lucas Clay has fought for LFA in the past, but has bounced off at several other events and has now noticed that he is about to climb a lightweight ladder. Anyone who wins this contest can be involved in a big battle in the coming months. The loser faces a steep uphill and is in the limelight.

MMA Sucka will be announcing the live results of LFA98 on Friday night. Want to catch up with past events?Can be found Results of the previous event, LFA97.

LFA98 man card

Josh Fremd vs Bruno Oliveira

Josh Fremd wins and either participates in the LFA title battle or is scooped up by the UFC. Both men are very talented and this can be played on either their feet or on the mat. Fremd is a better striker and has shown good takedown protection in the past. I will go with Josh Fremd via TKO in the second half.

JJ Okanovic vs. Lucas Clay

LFA98 has a great joint main event. This is a tough fight, but in the end, JJ Okanovic has more ways to win than Lucas Clay. Clay can keep this interesting, and it’s certainly not a pushover of any ability. When that happens, JJ Okanovic wins the battle through a unanimous decision. He is a better, more talented fighter.

Richard Palencia versus. Jeimeson Saudino

On paper, this is a pretty big mismatch. Richard Palencia is an undefeated prospect and appears ready to take the next step. He has a decisive experience advantage with a perfect 7-0 record, but will face Saudino who lost 5 of his last 6 games. This seems very likely to result in 6 defeats in 7 battles.

Joshua Dasilbeira versus. Matt paul

Joshua DaSilveira is the perfect 3-0 in his young career, but looks very sharp. He won all three battles through a stop with one TKO and two submissions. He looks at that part and needs experience at this point. He is 3-2 in his last five and is looking to remain perfect against Matt Paul, who will make his LFA debut. Joshua Da Silveira is fighting a showcase here, and he ends the show in a dramatic way with a big knockout.

Zack Pauga versus. Ash Beat Thomas

Zack Pauga and Ashby Thomas were both a battle into their careers, and both won their debut. However, Zack made his debut under the LFA and looked really solid with that victory. Ash Beat Thomas has made his LFA debut, and nothing is known about him. Pauga is one of my biggest favorites with the -425 card. So it seems that it makes the most sense to choose him. Go with Pauga to win.

Dakota Bush versus. Austin Krem

Dakota Bush is 4-2 in the LFA and aims to further solidify himself with a Friday night victory. He will face Austin Krem, the owner of a three-game winning streak and a 4-1 overall record. Since the two fighters are rather uniform, it seems natural to hire a fighter with a proven track record of LFA. Bush is a more known quantity, so he has to win the battle.

Tabasa Rich versus. Vanessa Grimes

Remember the name Tabatha Ricci. Because people talk about her early, not later. She is a very talented fighter and has a good fight. She’s a perfect 3-0, but if you count her Jiu-Jitsu experience, she has more. Vanessa Grimes has lost five times in a row, which seems to be sixth. Rich by submission, early.

LFA98 Prelim

Dan Orajiga versus. Ikebun

Marisa Chavez versus. Marisol Rueras

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Blackdown of LFA98 event and winner before Bell Blackdown of LFA98 event and winner before Bell

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