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In today’s NFL, the demand for return on investment for prospects is increasing, so it’s rare to find a true “project” on the roster.

Whether you’re a pick in the first round or an undrafted free agent, there doesn’t seem to be a true development process anymore. The guys need to get out on the field right away to see if they can stick to the league and give the team a quick answer. On a fast-moving train in the NFL world.

However, There are still some project players before the 2021 seasonAccording to Bleacher Report’s Brad Gagneon, one of them was the Pittsburgh Steelers Round 6 Draft Topic Quincy Roche, which played an important and profound role in the rookie season in Steel City.

Ganyon identified intriguing project players on all 32 teams and tabbed Roche as the Steelers’ choice. This makes sense given that there’s still a lot to do behind Starpass Rusher’s TJ Watt and second-year external linebacker Alex Highsmith.He was good at seeing the field immediately in 2021 He fights veteran Cassias Marsh for the job of a third external linebacker.

“… Roche, who was rated as a fourth round pick by the B / RNFL Scout Division after throwing 30.5 bags in college, has an advantage,” writes Gagnon. The “6’3”, £ 245 Miami product simply needs to add bulk and doesn’t have the speed to make up for it. What you’re looking at right now is far from the final product, but Justice Mosqueda pointed out that “he has the talent to grow into the first external linebacker.” He’s fierce, intense, and looks like an ideal longtime stealer, but unless a lot of things go well, you won’t be able to see much of the field next season. “

Given that Roche received a much higher rating than the picks in the sixth round when Roche’s choice was made in the sixth round of the 2021 NFL Draft, many chose the Steelers steal. I labeled it stolen. His size as a 4-3 defensive end probably dropped him on many boards and fit perfectly into Pittsburgh’s 3-4 scheme, earning him a great deal of value in 216th place overall.

Roche is a fairly advanced pass rusher, In terms of his hand usage and pass rush plan,and Play the run well, Based on his college tape.

For Roche, who has measurements very similar to Highsmith’s successful step into the injured Bud Dupree in the 2020 season, bulking for the role of 3-4 doesn’t seem to be the answer.

It’s hard to predict the draft topic of the sixth round, which suppressed the role of the third OLB at the beginning of the 2021 season, but there is no doubt that Roche has both advantages and abilities. He could soon become an important and profound piece of Steelers defense.

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Bleacher Report identifies Quincy Roche as Steelers’ “most intriguing project” Bleacher Report identifies Quincy Roche as Steelers’ “most intriguing project”

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