Blinking White Guy is working on a new Space Jam game

A new Space Jam movie has been released, a tie-in video game partially developed by Blinking White Guy, re-partying like the 90’s. Yes, I’ll talk about that soon, but for now, what you need to know is that Digital Eclipse is working on an arcade-style basketball game based on SpaceJam: A New Legacy.

Space Jam games will be available “as a benefit to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members in 2021”. Don’t expect this to be part of the regular Game Pass lineup, as the perks are special bonuses for service subscribers. Developers are currently soliciting game ideas from fans as part of a contest to help promote Microsoft’s virtual workshop on coding and game development.

Based on the fact that the Space Jam game will be released from the concept within a few months, you shouldn’t expect it to be a major release, but if you have a studio that knows about fun retro games, it’s Digital Eclipse. .. The company has been responsible for some really good retro compilations in recent years, including the first Rockman Legacy Collection and the SNK 40-års Anniversary Collection.

It doesn’t rob other people working in the studio, but it’s worth knowing that Blinking White Guy is working on the Space Jam game. Memes have immortalized Drew Scanlon, but game fans may remember him from his time at the video game site Giant Bomb. He is currently working as a producer at Digital Eclipse, bringing SpaceJam to digital life with other members of the studio.

For more information on the game, watch Microsoft’s announcement or the video below.

In the meantime, see the best space game guides for where to jam.

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