Blizzard describes Diablo II: Revived server issues

More than 20 years ago, Diablo II dominated the world, but Blizzard Entertainment began remastering and expanding the game only a few weeks ago. Diablo II: Resurrection..The game itself has been critically and commercially popular, but has won 80/100. MetacriticFans are dissatisfied with the overwhelming amount of server issues that are flooded with online experiences. Adam Fletcher, Blizzard Entertainment’s community manager, then Forum post Learn why you’re having problems and your studio’s aggressive plans to fix them.

The post itself provides a very detailed, technical and transparent explanation of exactly what is happening. There is more than one reason or cause behind the problem, but the point is that multiple servers are overloaded due to unexpectedly high player traffic after startup. Not only did this cause a number of outages, but unfortunately it also meant that some player character data was lost during the regional-to-global database transfer. Diablo II: Resurrected uses a lot of the same legacy code as the original 2001 game and is optimized for modern times, but one of the legacy services is the undervalued game server creation volume. Cannot be supported.

Blizzard is committed to providing updates that significantly improve the user’s online experience by adding features such as rate limits and creating login queues to enable faster solutions. increase. In the long run, plans are underway to break down “critical features” into their own individual services to help load the server and allow Blizzard to “consider scaling up.” [their] Game management service. “

Diablo II: Resurrected is now available on all platforms, including Nintendo Switch.

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Blizzard explains Diablo II: Resurrected server issues

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