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The Welsh golf course closes from midnight on December 19th. Here’s how you play wherever you are.

As the number of cases of coronavirus surges across the UK, the government is tightening rules to control pandemics.

And these instructions, which define what you can and cannot do depending on the country or region you live in, have a natural impact on golf.

But if you find yourself confused about what that means, the new restrictions set the status quo in England, Scotland and Wales and what they mean for the club …


Updated: December 19th

The British golf course was reopened after the second national blockade.

However, there are restrictions on where the club is located in the coronavirus layer, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson introduced a new layer 4 from 6 am on December 20th.

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Updated: December 19th

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced that mainland Scotland will move from Boxing Day to a three-week level 4 limit.

Previous Scottish Golf and PGA Guidance Rules for Level 4 Golf Activities allow clubs with Covid officers and applicable risk assessments to include groups of up to four golfers with an unlimited number of households.

For those who do not, a group of up to 4 golfers is allowed on behalf of the two households. All tea times must be booked in advance.

All indoor clubhouse facilities should be closed, but toilets can be left open – subject to enhanced cleaning measures. All indoor and outdoor hospitality must be closed, but take-out is permitted.

Specialty stores and retail stores must be closed, but click-and-collect is allowed. The starter can be operated by “keeping the physical distance and taking appropriate measures”.

All indoor driving ranges, swing studios, club fittings, or combinations of indoor and outdoor facilities must be closed.

Completely outdoor facilities should remain open “regardless of whether the bay is covered” and if access to the bay is “controlled by physical distance and all appropriate hygiene measures”. can do.

Only outdoor coaching is allowed and group coaching should not exceed 30.

Golfers are instructed to avoid unnecessary entry and exit into the Level 4 area and to keep movement within the area “minimum”.


Updated: December 19th

The Wales golf club was closed from midnight on December 19th after Prime Minister Mark Drakeford announced that his alert level 4 plans had been accelerated.

They were supposed to close at 6 pm on Christmas day and only resumed on November 9 after the blockade of the short coronavirus “circuit breaker”.

However, in light of the latest information from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on a new variant of Covid-19 that is rapidly spreading in London and the southeast, Drakeford moves the country to alert level 4 with a new coronavirus control program. I submitted a plan to do.

As part of this, non-essential retailers such as specialty stores (click and collect will continue to be allowed), close contact services, all leisure and fitness centers will also close at midnight on December 19th.

Coaching and fitting are not allowed, according to the PGA.

Hospitality was also closed and the licensed facility could only perform take-out and delivery services between 6 am and 10 pm.

Can golfers travel from one country to another?

No. Traveling between England, Scotland and Wales to play golf is not permitted.

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Blockade Golf: The Impact of Covid Limits on Clubs Blockade Golf: The Impact of Covid Limits on Clubs

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