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The team behind The witcher Working on a new previous day series of titles Witch: Origin of Blood Netflix looked behind the scenes of the series and provided the first look of the series.

Witch: Origin of Blood It is the first part series set 1200 years ago in the world of The witcher, It then tells the story of the creation of the first prototype The Witcher and the event that leads to the crucial “ball bond” when the worlds of monsters, men and elves are united into one.

Lawrence Off Align (((Vikings, Game of Thrones, Black 47) It is set to take on the role of Fear, who was born into a clan of warriors who vowed to protect the king. He “has the deep wound of the death of a loved one who has fallen into battle to save him. A scar that does not calm him or reconcile with himself or the world around him. In search of redemption, As Fyal paves the way for revenge across continents in turmoil, he will find himself fighting by the most unlikely allies. “

Michelle Yeoh Take on the role of Sian. “The last tribe of her nomadic sword elves. No one can approach her artistry with a blade, and no one carries so much loss in their hearts. Malicious from a fallen tribe. When she has a chance to recover the stolen sacred sword that was stolen by some means, she commits herself to a deadly quest to change the outcome of the continent. “

Series also starring Jodie Turner SmithPlaying Aile, “an elite warrior blessed with the voice of the goddess. She left the clan and established herself as the Queen’s guardian to follow her heart as a nomadic musician.”

6 episode series is executive producer Lauren Schmidt Hisrich, The person who created the original The Witcher series.Then there is Declan de Balla A showrunner and executive producer. Andrey Sapkovsky I will be a creative consultant.

BLOOD ORIGIN Part 1 Series — GeekTyrant

https://geektyrant.com/news/first-look-at-netflixs-the-witcher-blood-origin-prequel-series BLOOD ORIGIN Part 1 Series — GeekTyrant

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