Bloodborne is not 60 FPS on PS5, but some other From Software titles

Bloodborne is one of the most important games on the PS4 for many players, and as with many titles, there has been a lot of speculation about how it will improve on the PS5. Now you can see that the title frame rate hasn’t improved significantly, at least at launch. However, some other titles created by the developer FromSoftware are in better shape.

Lance McDonald (see, for example, Restoring Cut Sekir Content), a modder who works a lot in FromSoftware games, is testing FromSoftware games on the PS5, and sadly Bloodborne I found that it was still locked at 30fps. “Bloodborne is still at 30fps and the frame is slow,” he confirms.

On the other hand, both Sekiro and Dark Souls III have improved frame rates. In a tweet, McDonald’s confirmed that both games will run at 60fps on the next-generation Sony system. Both of these games were released by From Software after Bloodborne.

Both Dark Souls III and Sekiro were locked to 30 fps on the base PS4 and had no upper limit on the PS4 Pro, but did not reach 60 fps. In our own experience, Sekiro also reaches 60fps on the Xbox Series X.

McDonald’s previously created its own 60fps patch for games, but games released by Sony may continue to be patched to take advantage of new hardware.

One of PS5’s major release titles, a remake of the old titles in the FromSoftware catalog. Demon’s Souls started the “Souls” series on PS3 and is now being remade for the next generation. It will be available with PS5 on November 12th.

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