Bloodborne remains locked at 30 FPS on PS5

AAccording to a recent discovery by a data miner, Lance McDonald Bloodborne is limited to 30 FPS, even for Bloodborne.

Bloodborne remains locked at 30 FPS on PS5

With the release of the PlayStation 5 embargo this week, new details about backward compatibility will be announced.If you plan to go back to your old favorites like this BloodborneNote that the frame rate is still locked to 30 FPS, according to Lance McDonald, an avid data mining and content creator who has focused on many FromSoftware games.

Running Bloodborne at 60 FPS requires very necessary updates. However, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Dark Souls 3 can run at 60 FPS. The reason Bloodborne can’t run anymore is because the developers haven’t released any more updates and the game is designed to lock at 30.

Will FromSoftware soon release a patch for Bloodborne on PS5? The odds are low because they are already busy working on the next game, Elden Ring. Bloodborne is still a Playstation brand-only console, so it would be great if it could be released.

Perhaps Bloodborne’s remaster is rumored earlier this year. This is inevitably confirmed and also mentions Demon’s Souls Remake by Bluepoint, the PS5 launch title.

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Bloodborne Currently, it is a PlayStation dedicated to PS4 and PS5.

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