Bloodless joins Bloodstained: Night ritual as a bonus playable character

Artplay and 505 Games have released the latest patch for the Nintendo Switch version. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night..

The highlight is the addition of Bloodless as a playable character. She is one of the bosses who appeared in the Boss Revenge Mode update in the July update. Apart from this, the new update fixes some bugs and resolves some other issues as well.

Below is a complete patch note courtesy of the game’s official website.

Version 1.18:

Bloodless playable character

– Name the new save file “BLOODLESS” to access the new playable character.

Randomizer bug fix

– Fixed algorithm to prevent invalid seeds from being created

– Implemented safety chests and ramps to complete previously invalid seeds. These safety chests contain the items you need to complete.

Number of possible randomizers

1152 combinations from settings:

3 goals x2 key items x2 save / warp x3 items x4 enemy drops x2 craft x2 shops x2 quests = 1152 combinations

65,536 combinations per set

The seed consists of 31 bits. Fifteen of these bits are used to store the settings generated by the player’s first selection. The remaining 16 bits are used to generate seed randomness.

A combination of 2 ^ 16 = 65,536.

Total number of possible combinations across modes:

1152 settings x 65,536 seed combinations = 75,487, a total of 472 combinations.

Other changes

– Fixed an issue where the clan name was displayed on the save screen of the file selection

– Fixed an issue with clan names in credits

– Fixed minor audio issues

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