Blue Rose Adventurer’s Guide RPG Supplement Kickstarter Up

June 4, 2021 by Polar_Bear

Green Ronin Publishing Blue rose And all the lands of Aldea to your 5th edition D & D game. They joined Kickstarter to publish this new adventurer guide. I’m ready. They really need to send it.

From the campaign:

Green Ronin Publishing. You may know us as the company that brought Dungeons & Dragons books such as Out of the Abyss and Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide and an important role: Tal’Dorei campaign setting. A new book in your collection: The Blue Rose Adventurer’s Guide. This provides all the 5E rules you need to run your campaign in the World of Aldea, the setting for the popular Blue Rose RPG. ..

Well, here is the best part. The Blue Rose Adventurer’s Guide is complete and ready to print! The main purpose of this Kickstarter is simply to fund the printing of your book.

Our plan is to print The Blue Rose Adventurer’s Guide, along with The Book of Fiends, a 5E monster book full of demons, demons and demons that was crowdfunded last year. Some of you may have missed the chance to participate, so this campaign also offers The Book of Fiends. The demons and exarchs in this book also plague the world of Blue Rose’s Aldea and are a great complement to the Blue Rose Adventure Guide. The best deal is the champions, who get both the book and its PDF at a special price.

With 14 days left, the campaign achieved half of its goal.


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