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BlueScope joins Healthy Heads highway sponsorship

Healthy Heads of the Trucks & Sheds Foundation (HHTS) has attracted BlueScope as a national highway sponsor announced today.

Through this sponsorship, BlueScope is working to incorporate the Healthy Heads Roadmap, raising awareness and building a culture where workers, employers, managers and leaders know they need help when they need it. increase.

“At BlueScope, we know how important this industry is. We drive awareness and change, increase the resilience of our entire workforce, and listen to the challenges we may face. We want to play a role in ensuring that BlueScope Australia’s Steel Products Supply Chain Manager Jeff Moore said:

“The key initiatives and projects undertaken by HHTS are crucial to building a better working culture and breaking down the stigma that exists in mental health. We work closely with HHTS on road transport and warehousing. , We are committed to taking the necessary steps to ensure that everyone in the logistics industry has access to the information, tools and resources they need. “

Earlier this year, the Foundation launched a three-year national mental health and well-being roadmap to provide all operators with the tools and resources they need to create a healthier and more prosperous work environment. Provided access.

HHTS CEO Naomi Frauenfelder warmly welcomed BlueScope by joining HHTS as a sponsor.

“We are pleased to work with organizations like BlueScope that are working to take steps towards better mental health and physical well-being in the wider industry,” she said.

“According to SuperFriend, the need to address mental health risk factors in key industries has been significantly delayed, with 38.2% of workers diagnosed with mental health status saying that the workplace caused or exacerbated it. With BlueScope’s support, we can continue to deliver key initiatives and projects nationwide, “says Frauenfelder.

HHTS is an industry umbrella specially created to improve mental and physical health across the road transport, warehousing, and logistics sectors.

HHTS recognizes that it is imperative to take action to ensure that the industry is one in which everyone feels supported by their work and is in line with BlueScope in its vision. increase.

BlueScope joins Healthy Heads highway sponsorship BlueScope joins Healthy Heads highway sponsorship

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