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BMW did not pose a real threat to Audi as it turned out to be the last year of the short-lived Class 1 engine era. The Ingolstadt-based brand has won 16 of 18 races and is the title of manufacturer, team and driver.

When DTM switched to a two-liter turbocharged engine last year, Audi first gained a clear advantage over BMW, but BMW’s fix the reliability issues that plagued the 2019 campaign. Efforts allowed Audi to march, widening the gap between the two manufacturers in 2020 from its only manufacturer’s rival.

BMW and Audi will not face each other directly in 2021 following the DTM’s decision to switch to GT3 regulation and customer teams, ending the rivalry revived in 2012 with the addition of the Munich-based brand to the series Indicates.

But if BMW driver Auer quotes lessons learned from BMW in the tough season of 2020 and Audi does not decide to end the series as a factory entry, the two German marks will be next year. I think it was a close match.

“I don’t think so because BMW has learned a lot this year,” said Audi when asked if he thinks Audi could easily win the 2021 title under Class 1 regulations at Told to.

“I think it’s getting closer and not the same as this year. It was a tough year for BMW, but the people there are very experienced and they know what they are doing. Another In years, I think they were able to fill the gap or turn it around. ”

Within the DTM paddock, there was concern that Audi might be out of reach this year in a pre-season test at the Nürburgring in June. When the season began at Spa-Francorchamps, we were shutting out the top five places. Within 2 months.

Despite some wondering if an unconventional venue like a spa can provide a realistic image of the hierarchy, it’s this year’s “ that BMW can’t compete with Audi this season. It was obvious “quite early”.

“Even in the pre-season test [it was clear Audi would be impossible to beat]”Auer said. “Of course, everyone was doing a lot of things, but for me it was just learning. I wasn’t very competitive, but it was okay.

“But at the spa, you can say,’Shit, there’s a big gap.’ Because the spa is a new course, I had some doubts and it was pretty close after that, but qualifying and tires in the race. It was still dominant in terms of management.

“They managed everything well, and it was very obvious [that we couldn’t challenge them] I have to say it quite early on. ”

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Auer returned to DTM in 2020, a year after appearing in Super Formula in Japan, and was one of BMW’s two new contracts alongside former R motorsport driver Jonathan Aberdein.

The Austrian achieved a surprise win at the Lusatia ring in August and added another podium to his tally at Zolder, but only finished 13th in the championship and scored the other three points. He became the second lowest factory BMW driver.

After counting his missions over the last four years at Mercedes, Audi was asked to look back on his fifth season at DTM, saying: “Audi was seen at the spa to be on a different level, but the first weekend was good. There was nothing special. But everything was there. But as always, When we are having a hard time, we try different things and people go in different ways.

“Sometimes it worked, like the Lusatia ring, which managed the tires better than Audi, and everything came together and won. This is positive as only five drivers won the race this year. did.

“I also had a deep low, because we were trying to find a pace. Almost everyone in BMW had his moment, but no other time. To me That was so. The highlights were the wins and the Zolder podium. The spa was a consistent and smooth weekend, but there were also really tough weekends when nothing went well. “

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BMW may have eliminated the Audi DTM deficit in 2021 BMW may have eliminated the Audi DTM deficit in 2021

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