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BNB is activating the DAR token. BRTX ranked high

Binance is activating the DAR token. BRTX ranked high

Binance has announced that it will add its 23rd project, Mines of Dalarnia (DAR), to its Launchpool. This is a new action-adventure play-to-ear game built on BinanceSmartChain. Customers can bet BUSD and BNB in ​​separate pools and farm DAR tokens for 30 days. They can start farming on October 29, 2021. The exchange will list DARs in the Innovation Zone on November 4, 2021 and will begin trading with trading pairs of DAR / BNB, DAR / BTC, DAR / USDT, and DAR / BUSD.

The Dalarnia mine procedurally generated levels. Players can mine and combine various in-game items to improve their skills and equipment to uncover the secrets of the MoD universe. At the same time, they can search for rare relics and artifacts. The platform provides a variety of terrain for exploration and monsters to conquer in search of their rare resources. In addition, friends can play together in the world of Dalarna.

Users can truly own the item in this game and all MoD assets are represented as irreplaceable tokens. Players can export and trade these NFTs on the open market. The platform records all in-game transactions on the blockchain and prevents a centralized party from tampering with the outcome of the game.

MoD also issues the native utility token DAR. The latter is a governance token, the currency needed for tool upgrades and market trading. This is basically the default currency in the Dalarna world.

How does this platform work?

The team has set up the main gameplay for combat, mining, and resource gathering. The platform leverages blockchain technology to issue in-game assets as irreplaceable tokens, giving players the freedom to transfer or trade them in the in-game marketplace.

The game itself is very interesting. The world of Daralnia has abundant resources of various minerals underground, waiting for brave explorers to discover them. Land topography and resources vary. Ambitious entrepreneurs can buy land to better develop Daralnia and make the best use of its resources. They make the world a more attractive place and in the process make a fortune for themselves.

According to the team, being a game landowner offers a variety of opportunities to make money. For example, there is a land sale to provide an opportunity for participants. Gamers have to pay to buy some of them. However, NFT If it represents a land and the buyer chooses to get coins, the buyer owns the coins. You can also decide which one you prefer, given the variety of lands.

The platform also rewards landowners in the form of tokens, mineral airdrops, required tools, or other forms based on the collective decisions of tokenholders.

What about minerals and mining tools?

The game has essential exotic minerals. Players can use basic minerals to perform basic equipment upgrades. They can find them in the free zone. The latter is available to all mining players in Daralnia. Scrap, iron ore, and Falun copper are some of the basic minerals in the game.

However, there are also exotic minerals. Users get advanced equipment and plot upgrades. Players can only find exotic minerals in their own paid mines or in parcels borrowed from other players.

To start playing the game, the user must purchase a starter pack. Includes basic pickaxe and oxygen pack. However, upgrading the tools depending on their functionality requires a variety of resources. They can pay for a certain number of needs with DAR tokens. Each player has a limit on their tool slots, which must be exchanged, dropped, or placed on land after the player has reached that amount.

In addition, different types of mines use different equipment to keep the player alive. For example, a user’s oxygen tank level determines how long they can survive running in an onshore mine. Heat sinks, on the other hand, determine how long you can live in a lava mine.

The Mines of Dalarinia also offers an in-game marketplace for players to rent or exchange a variety of items, including mined minerals, unique cosmetics and crafted tools. However, the platform charges DAR for each transaction.

Players may be deficient in different types of minerals due to the different distribution of minerals in each terrain, while being rich in one type of mineral. They can exchange them on the market.

What are the benefits of DAR tokens?

BNB is activating the DAR token. BRTX ranked high

DAR is an important token for managing the economy of the game, incentivizing players and sustainably growing the world economy of Daralnia.

This is also the default in-game currency. Users can use DAR to upgrade tools and participate in trading on the in-game marketplace. The team stores the DAR collected from these activities in a community reserve. The token owner collectively determines the use cases for DAR tokens. They can either fund further gameplay development or burn tokens.

Mines of Dalarnia is a game owned by players and token holders. The team has implemented a decentralized governance structure that allows token holders to vote on game mechanics and policies. Players have the opportunity to earn in-game token rewards in a variety of ways. You can also participate in contests at DAR and earn token rewards.

BERTINITY tokens are in the limelight. why?

BERTINITY is a completely anonymous, KYC-free financial blockchain ecosystem. Its ecosystem includes five key parts: crypto payment gateways, ICO launchpads, centralized exchanges, native coins and the decentralized global security token stock market.

The company launched the native utility token BRTX and built it on Binance Smart Chain. This token has many advantages. For example, it is accepted by the Bertinity Payment Gateway. Its value will increase with expected growth, users will be able to enjoy trading discounts on security tokens, and the company will list BRTX on Bertinity and other trusted exchanges.

The team released the token on October 20, 2021. Sales will end on November 20, 2021. The total supply of BRTX is 62000000000. However, only 20% can be sold publicly. The platform accepts ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, XMR, TRX, BNB, USDC, SOL, USDT, DASH, DOGE, XLM, XRP, ADA, and BUSD in exchange for native tokens during the first coin offering ..

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BNB is activating the DAR token. BRTX ranked high BNB is activating the DAR token. BRTX ranked high

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