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By Barry Holbrook: Bob Arum does not approve recent comments Vasyl Lomachenko Explain why he lost last week Theofimo Lopez At their battle on October 17th.

Lomachenko (14-2, 10 KO) feels that some of the judges had a bias when scoring their fights. He lost a 12-round unanimous decision by score: 116-112, 119-109, 117-111.

Boxing masses felt that the battle between Lomachenko and Teofimo should be much closer than the scores reported by the three judges, but they believe the right man won.

The 23-year-old Teofimo built an insurmountable lead in the first seven rounds, primarily because Lomachenko was unable to throw a punch.

When Lomachenko stormed back in the final round, he couldn’t finish strongly in 12th place. Romahenko would probably have lost eight to four rounds, even if the judge recorded the fight the way it was played.

Arum: Lomachenko’s comment is “stupid”

“I have to see what Roma wants to do next year,” Alm said. IFL TV.. “They are as stupid as comments [former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay] Wilder talked about how Fury somehow loaded his gloves and how he lost to Tyson Fury, and his own corner put things in his water.

“It’s ridiculous … with Lomachenko, [judge] Julie Ruderman is a very honest person, she was in the fight [with Teofimo Lopez], Give Lomachenko only one round.

“But all the judges are very tight people, and anyone who was watching the fight said that Lopez clearly won the fight on any of the 7-5, 8-4 and 9-3 scores. I think I felt it.

“So I think those comments [from Lomachenko] It was completely off the line for Lomachenko. When I talk to him, I tell him that, “Arum said.

Rather than believing in what Alm believes and giving lectures to Lomachenko, top-ranked promoters should use his pulls to persuade Teofimo (16-0, 12 KO) to rematch Loma. ..

Oddly, Teofimo wasn’t interested in fighting Lomachenko again, although it would bring him much more money than he would get to defend his title against his IBF duty. George Cambosos Junior

Theofimo is now risk averse

Since defeating 32-year-old Lomachenko in an upset victory, Teofimo shows the classic sign of a fighter who has lost his stupidity to take risks. Lomachenko isn’t the only one who isn’t interested in what Theofimo faces. Teofimo also turned to face up with Devin Haney, Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis.

So basically, Teofimo excludes fighting one of the top lightweights and is only interested in facing the lesser-known Australian fighters. George Cambosos Junior.. In other words, Teofimo transformed into a cherry picker / ducker and lost his way.

The hungry fighter that Teofimo had before defeating Lomachenko turned into an evasive and strategic champion. He seems to be making highly calculated choices to reduce his risk.

favorite Andy Ruiz Jr. Last year, Teofimo enjoyed all the praise he received from boxing fans and is now at the top of the world. Theofimo has completely bored his hero worship and he is not interested in losing all the glory he receives.

Some fighters cannot handle fame. See what it did to Lewis. Theofimo sees the same thing, but he’s not breaking his career with food or laziness like Lewis does.

Instead, Teofimo is ruining his career by eliminating taking risks. It’s a shame that Lomachenko’s brain can’t be taken and transplanted into Theofimo’s head to give him the ambition and courage he lost.

Teofimo’s career is very likely to be comparable to meteor dust in the next 3-5 years. He doesn’t have the blue-collar mindset needed to stay on top.

Will fame ruin Teofimo’s career?

The writer predicts that Teofimo will look like this: Jessie VargasFormer two-class world champion, his career collapsed after winning a big payday against Manny Pacquiao in 2016.

It’s awkward to compare Theofimo’s behavior with the great men of the past who have shown courage throughout their careers.

Alm needs to use his power to get Teofimo to regain the risk, as it hinders his career if he avoids dangerous battles and minimizes the chances of being beaten.

Theofimo Lopeswasil Romachenko

Lomachenko’s comments are less important in the long run than how Teofimo is currently avoiding the best fights at 135.

Boxing masses don’t want to see Lopez easily win Cambosos Jr., so Alm should now be doing everything he can to set up a rematch between Lomachenko and Teofimo.

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Bob Arum says Lomachenko’s comment on the loss is “ridiculous” ⋆ Boxing News 24 Bob Arum says Lomachenko’s comment on the loss is “ridiculous” ⋆ Boxing News 24

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