Boba Fett’s book still needs to explain the dazzling Star Wars plot hole

Boba Fett’s book continues the story of Star Wars bounty hunters. However, the series also has to answer the protracted conspiracy holes.

Boba Fett’s book Continue the story of the galaxy’s most notorious bounty hunter.However, the series also has to answer the protracted ones Star Wars Plot hole.Boba Fett (Temuera Morrison) Star Wars Universe Mandalorian Season 2.Chapter 9: MarshalThe character appears at the last minute when he sees Din Jarin (Pedro Pascal) running away with his armor. Then, in “Chapter 14: Tragedy”, confront Din Jarin and regain his armor. Help the armor and the Mandalorian take on the stormtrooper.

NS Mandalorian The post-credit scene sets Boba Fett’s next spin-off. In the scene, a bounty hunter returns to the Hat Palace Java in the dunes of Tatooine.He encounters Bib Fortuna, who took over Java’s afterlife Return of the Jedi.. Bib Fortuna said in an attempt to save himself, what he thought Boba Fett had died, and was pleased that he was alive. It doesn’t help. Boba Fett shoots Bib FortunaWithout hesitation, kill Twi’lek and take the throne of Jabba the Hutt. This scene shows the story of Boba Fett going around.

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For now, Boba Fett’s re-appearance Star Wars Plot hole. In the 1983s Return of the Jedi, The bounty hunter falls into a hole in Sirrac and probably dies. As a good measure, monsters ring the bell even after consuming Boba Fett. Mandalorian He retrofitted the death and revealed that the character had somehow escaped from the sir rack pit. However, despite Boba Fett’s numerous appearances in the Disney + series, his miraculous survival is not explained.The series never treats it properly, and Morrison admitted him in an interview I don’t know how Boba Fett survived Sirrac..

Star Wars Boba Fett Book

Boba Fett’s book The survival of the bounty hunter cannot be ignored. Mandalorian I’m just vaguely touching Boba Fett, who survived Sirrac in Return of the Jedi.. In Chapter 14, Boba Fett says he was left dead on the sand of Tatooine. “”But fate sometimes intervenes to save the miserable“He added. In addition to Bib Fortuna, who said Boba Fett thought he was dead, the series set aside the topic. All that is known is that Boba Fett survived and lost his armor along the way. Mandalorian Since it’s not Boba Fett’s story, the series can escape by ignoring the obvious conspiracy holes. Boba Fett’s book You won’t be so lucky.

of course, Boba Fett’s book You don’t have to work from scratch. Star Wars Earlier explained Boba Fett’s survival of Such Barb: The Story of Boba Fett, Now a non-canon legendary story by JD Montgomery. His escape was a bit complicated, and Boba Fett telepathically connected to a former Sirrac victim and escaped using an explosion.However, some elements from non-canon Star Wars The story is back in shows and movies about galaxies far away. With that in mind, Such a barb We can provide a blueprint to explain Boba Fett’s return. Until Disney explains Boba Fett’s story, bounty hunter survival is a huge conspiracy hole from all perspectives.

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Boba Fett’s book still needs to explain the dazzling Star Wars plot hole

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