Bobby Cotic working at the minimum wage until Activision Blizzard is fixed

Bobby Cotic does not run out of money (Photo: Getty Images)

Activision Blizzard boss Bobby Kotick is making significant salary cuts until he solves the problem of discrimination and harassment.

The head of Activision Blizzard has been accused of fostering a “flat boy” culture of sexism, racism and harassment in multiple lawsuits until everyone is happy that the company’s problems have been resolved. I asked for a reduction in salary.

Bobby Cotic, who will first fight the first proceeding and has been severely criticized by his own staff for his response, has announced that his salary will be reduced to the statutory minimum in California. Year.

He also refused to collect bonuses and additional income, but that doesn’t make any sense given that he’s already earned over $ 150 million in bonuses this year. Therefore, there is no need to tie his purse.

Given how long investors are trying to reduce Cotic’s income, that’s at least something. The same goes for a long blog post announcing five major changes planned for Activision Blizzard as a way for Cotic to change its corporate culture.

This includes a “Zero Tolerance Harassment Policy” that claims that Cotic is more stringent than any California employer, is less dependent on written warnings, and will result in faster dismissals.

Cotic has also promised to increase the number of female and non-binary employees by 50% over the next five years and invest $ 250 million in improving “diversified talent opportunities”. Currently, 23% of our staff are female or non-binary, so the new goal is probably 46%.

Activision Blizzard also waives arbitration of allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination. This is what the staff is specifically campaigning for.

Cotic also promised to improve equal pay for equal work, but at this point, women claim to earn slightly more on average than men in the company.

Finally, he promised to regularly update staff and shareholders regarding gender and diversity recruitment, and other initiatives.

It’s certainly a big change in attitude compared to Cotic’s initial reaction to the problem, but after a discrepancy between the two, various proceedings still underway despite trying to “pause” them. Government agencies investigating publishers that are not always useful in fighting.

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Bobby Kotick to work minimum wage until Activision Blizzard is fixed

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